February 16, 2007


Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting, Video at 3:29 pm by Momma

It’s quite clear that The Buggle is very aware of the video camera. Once it starts rolling he starts showing off, smiling away and looking adorably cute! 😛 After his last video Auntie decided he was her new McDreamy or McBuggle, in this case. For all of you living under a rock, that’s a reference from Grey’s Anatomy. One of the greatest show’s ever!

In his latest video you can see him nearly behead his dinosaur. He L.O.V.E.S the head for some reason. Watch his pattern: play, turn, smile at the camera, turn, play, smile….It’s a science, I tell ya! Look how good he is at getting his balance! There are a few times where he leans really far back before catching and stabilizing himself. I don’t know what I would do if he was any cuter!!!

Like his Irish jammies?



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Could he BE any cuter? It is so time to sign him up for Science Camp! 🙂

  2. laura said,

    Oh man, cool dinosaur—Deeder would love it!! Wanna set up a play date? 😛

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    Tater just watched the video with me and at the end, proclaimed, “Oh, he’s a cute little guy!” Good taste, I tell ya!

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