May 1, 2008

Now I Know My ABC’s

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Aidan decided to wake up at 4 am this morning.  Good times!  I heard him thumping around in his crib so I got up and went into his room.  When I opened the door I was met with him running from side to side in his crib singing, “SSSS, TTTTT.”  Even though it was very cute there is something discouraging about your toddler singing the ABC’s and running a muck in his crib at 4 am!

I picked him up and we rocked in the glider for about twenty minutes before I put  him back to bed.  He stayed quiet-ish until about 5, then he began running again.  I got up tossed some books and toys in with him and went back to bed until 6.  Then I met the morning with one eye open and counting the hours until bedtime!

Tonight he and I were singing the ABC’s and Dad-Oh grabbed the camera.  Lucky you!  😛  Pay no attention to my glasses and there is a darn good reason I am not on Idol so no need to rub it in!


April 27, 2008

Story Time With Mommy

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My little guy is becoming a smart little cookie.  He’s at the point now where you can tell he is really starting to understand most everything you say and he tries his best to communicate his thoughts back.  He has been really absorbing his ABC’s from starfall.  He can recognize and name about ten letters of the alphabet.  He knows what sounds they make too!  His favorites are “S” and “P.”  When I click either of these he says, “S” and then starts making the sssss sound, and is doing his very best to perfect his mimicking of “skateboard!”

Here is a little video of him finishing the last line of each page of his book.  Well, for the first three pages anyway…then, well he IS.OVER.IT!  😉

April 22, 2008


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Aidan decided he was going to pull everything out of his drawer in the kitchen and put it in the fridge. Why? Who knows. He’s a toddler and that’s reason enough! 😛

April 5, 2008

Hangin’ With The Girls

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Aidan’s social calendar was bursting at the seams today! First we headed over to Carly Jo’s for a morning play date. At first, it looked like it was going to turn out disastrous but then it actually turned out quite nice. We started off playing outside on Carly’s new swing set. Remember, a few posts back when I wrote about a ten foot slide? That’s where it went! Aidan didn’t really care for outside too much, even though it was sunny and beautiful it was still cold.


We tried playing in the bouncy castle and in the garage, but that too was a bust. Aidan was clingy and acting like he wanted to go to sleep right then and there on my shoulder. We were about to call it a day and head out when Carly started shouting, “NOOOO! I don’t want Aidan to go home, he needs to play with me!” She added emphasis with tears and feet stomping. Honestly, how could I NOT give in? So I made a deal with her. I told her we’d try to come in for five minutes and that I thought Aidan would like it if she picked him out a good book for us to read. Once upstairs in her room Aidan was a totally different kid. He was happy, he played, he enjoyed himself, and we all had a great time! We ended up staying almost two hours! Pretty good for what looked like it would be a wash!

We came home, ate lunch, read books and headed upstairs for a nap. He was out in seconds! That’s when Mommy kicked into high gear and waded through what seemed like 900 pounds of laundry! I am happy to report that every piece of laundry we own is clean and put away!

Aidan woke up happy as could be, he scarfed down his fish sticks and corn, then we headed to the grocery store to get some goodies for Carly Jo’s Mommy’s baby shower tomorrow. We came home and waited for Ella to come over for a play date! So many girls, so little time! 😎

Aidan played hard to get at first, but then he was all about showing her around his pad! The kids had a blast chasing each other. She toddled around the house calling for Aidan, “Ai, Ai?” It was adorable!

Could They BEEE Any Cuter?

Doesn’t he look like he’s posing for a photo shoot with his sweetie?! I’m pretty sure they are the cutest kids on the planet!

If this picture didn’t convince you this video should. Pay no attention to the over the top Mommy voice!!!

March 25, 2008


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After reading Auntie Manda’s post today, I began wondering who has been looking at my YouTube videos and wondered where, if any where they had gone.

I had a great time watching some of my old baby Buggle videos. I still can’t believe how much he has changed. Some of the videos were added over a year ago when he was barely sitting by himself. Man, how time f…l…i….e….s!

Although, I didn’t find that any of my videos had been downloaded over 4000 times and uploaded to some crazy music site I did find that Aidan’s dino video ended up here.

So there Auntie Manda we may not have 4000+ hits but we’re INTERNATIONAL! Or as Dad-Oh would say, “we’re international SON!” 😛 Apparently we have a German following! I have a feeling Aidan will be hanging with Hasselhoff at the 20 year Berlin Wall memorial party! So there you can have your Paris and Brittany!  We’ve got the Hoff!   🙄

March 1, 2008

Just Another Day in the Sand and Sun

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After a yummy breakfast made in our fully equipped kitchen we headed five miles north to Hapuna Beach Park. This was quite possibly one of the nicest beaches we have even been on. The sand was so soft and clean.

Since it was the weekend I think it was busier than usual, but it didn’t feel crowded. Aidan had a blast, yet again! He just loves the sand and waves. He had no problem with the waves crashing up against his little body. When the waves wash back out to sea it is really powerful and it tries to pull you out too, Aidan didn’t care. In fact I think he kinda liked feeling the water on his back and feeling himself sink deeper into the sand.

As you can probably gather we have been having a blast, and really enjoying our special family time.

Here is another cute Aidan beach video for you all to enjoy!

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