May 19, 2008

Over The Hump?

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Yesterday was by far the most difficult day of Aidan Daidan’s 22 months.  Teething pain combined with the new found pre-terrible two tantrums is not a good mix.  Aidan spent much of yesterday in a puddle on the floor kicking his legs and pounding his arms.  For no real reason other than to throw a fit.  Me, being the kind, devoted, loving mother I am just ignored him and carried on with my things.

Granted my little angel was in pain, I didn’t totally blow him off….  He was chalked full of Tylenol, teething tabs, and a quick sweep of orajel.  I would have been happy to hold him and console him if he would have wanted that.  He was in one of those hold me/don’t hold me, feed me/I’m not hungry, I’m tired/I don’t wanna sleep kinda moods.  So alas he pounded his frustration out on the carpet.

Surprisingly, he slept fairly well.  He woke up a bit early for my liking, but beggars can’t be choosers I’m told!  He was in a decent mood all morning and we even managed to get a few errands done and make it to the park before I headed off to work!  He was still a bit out of sorts at the park.  He refused to have his feet touch the ground, but was elated to sit on his rump in the swing for half an hour.

After work I came home to a happy, playful and very happy to see Momma toddler.  A VERY nice treat.  I can see three out of the four eye teeth cut through the gums, so I am very much hoping we are over the teething hump!  I don’t know why getting teeth is so hard for my little doodle!  He’s tough as nails when it comes to just about everything else, so I suppose I can cut the poor little guy some slack!


May 17, 2008

Teething? Growing? Both?

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I finally see visual evidence of eye teeth popping through the gums!  Yippee!  It’s almost over–finally!  This definitely explains Aidan’s moods lately.  Including his new found sleeping, or lack thereof regimen.  The last two days he has fallen asleep before 10 am for about 40 minutes.  Yesterday he fell asleep during play group, and today while playing over at baby Kai’s, he slept right through gymnastics!

Instead of joining in the baby party fun, Aidan pooped out about ten minutes after we got to Kai’s.  I don’t know if the thought of finding a color square and another vocab lesson was just too much to handle, or if the kiddo is trying to manage his teething situation by zonking out.  Thankfully, he still went down for his noon nap and slept a little over two hours.

He was a handful when he woke up.  Needy, whiny, and wanting everything or was that nothing?  So I packed him in the car, loaded up the Puppers and headed to the Cross Trails for a walk.  Anything to keep him occupied and the whining at bay!

It worked!  Well, as long as I kept a constant forward motion….this too shall pass!!  If not, there’s always toddler dentures!  😯

May 12, 2008

Gymnastics ’08

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This last Saturday was Aidan’s first gymnastics class of 2008. Last year we had three two-week sessions that were M-Th. This year class is only on Saturday mornings at 9:30 for half an hour. Getting up and out of the house on Saturday mornings before 9:30 am for only half an hour is totally grounds for a Mommy of the Year Award! Just incase I haven’t given you enough reasons to nominate me! 😛

This year they have a new “instructor.” I put that in quotes because it’s a group of toddlers under the age of 3 what can you really “instruct?” The first day’s lesson plan was really quite comical. It’s obvious that she does not have children of her own. She tried to have all the children sit on the mat on individual color squares and “stretch.” Needless to say my child had his own agenda and it had NOTHING to do with color squares, stretching or warming up! Or much to do with her at all!

I had to laugh when she said, “boys and girls spread your legs as far as you can, this is called the straddle, can you say straddle?” Dad-Oh looked at me and said, “Aidan can’t even tell us when he’s pooped himself, I think straddle is aways away!” Seriously, straddle? Is that really a word you want your toddler running through the grocery store saying?

Regardless of the organized stretching, the vocab lesson, or the early start time Aidan had a blast and that folks, is exactly why I do it! 😛

May 1, 2008

Now I Know My ABC’s

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Aidan decided to wake up at 4 am this morning.  Good times!  I heard him thumping around in his crib so I got up and went into his room.  When I opened the door I was met with him running from side to side in his crib singing, “SSSS, TTTTT.”  Even though it was very cute there is something discouraging about your toddler singing the ABC’s and running a muck in his crib at 4 am!

I picked him up and we rocked in the glider for about twenty minutes before I put  him back to bed.  He stayed quiet-ish until about 5, then he began running again.  I got up tossed some books and toys in with him and went back to bed until 6.  Then I met the morning with one eye open and counting the hours until bedtime!

Tonight he and I were singing the ABC’s and Dad-Oh grabbed the camera.  Lucky you!  😛  Pay no attention to my glasses and there is a darn good reason I am not on Idol so no need to rub it in!

April 27, 2008

Story Time With Mommy

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My little guy is becoming a smart little cookie.  He’s at the point now where you can tell he is really starting to understand most everything you say and he tries his best to communicate his thoughts back.  He has been really absorbing his ABC’s from starfall.  He can recognize and name about ten letters of the alphabet.  He knows what sounds they make too!  His favorites are “S” and “P.”  When I click either of these he says, “S” and then starts making the sssss sound, and is doing his very best to perfect his mimicking of “skateboard!”

Here is a little video of him finishing the last line of each page of his book.  Well, for the first three pages anyway…then, well he IS.OVER.IT!  😉

April 22, 2008


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Aidan decided he was going to pull everything out of his drawer in the kitchen and put it in the fridge. Why? Who knows. He’s a toddler and that’s reason enough! 😛

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