May 30, 2008

Monkey Boy

Posted in Buggle Bite at 8:55 pm by Momma

Aidan climbs on EVERYTHING.  He has learned how to climb up the bar stools, and on to the counter.  He climbs on the dining chairs on to the table, on to the monitor heater, over the arms of the couch, on his crib railings…the list is endless.

One morning he spotted an old granola bar wrapper on the kitchen table that his Dad-Oh failed to throw away.  He climbed up the chair and on to the table, grabbed the wrapped and chased me down the house screaming at me and thrusting the wrapper my way.  The only problem?  Dad-Oh took the rest of the box of granola bars on the boat with him.  No chewy goodness for Aidan Daidan.  Let me tell you about all the reasons that Nutrigrain Bars ARE.NOT.THE.SAME!!!  Yeah, I was cussing the Dad-Oh for that one!

He loved climbing on the couch arm and hoping on to the glass on the end table in the sun room.  Since the two walls behind him are all windows and since glass probably isn’t the best material to climb on I took the glass top off and hid it under the couch.  Jokes on me, however because this has not stopped the climbing.  Now instead of a glass pedestal to climb on he has a scaffolding of sorts.  He cliff hangs off the side of the couch and uses the end table stand as his ladder up and down.  There is no stopping this kid.  He does relatively good, no major booboos yet, it only takes once I suppose….

PS Deeder’s a big brother!  Baby Carly Annalise is here!


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