May 28, 2008

True to My Word

Posted in Buggle Bite at 8:13 pm by Momma

I have posted several baby Kenzie pictures on Carly’s website. She is so darn cute, ALMOST makes me want to have another! ALMOST!!! Now I have the perfect scenario, I can get my infant fix loving and cuddling on her, then send her back to her Mommy when she cries and needs the bee-boo at 2 am! Kinda like Grandma’s! It really is a good gig!

Okay, I suppose I should talk about MY kid, huh? He had a fun day today. We had a morning play date at Isabel’s house. She and Aidan have the exact same hair and eye color. They look like they could be related!  She is getting the hang of walking now and was trying to keep up with Aidan, but every time she finally got to where he was, he had decided he was done being there and off he went! I should have brought my camera!

After I got home from work Aidan and I had some fun outside on the swing set. I swear that kid would be perfectly content if I left him in there all day. I suppose he’d probably like a snack or two every so often and maybe a swing of water, but other than that he’d be pleased as pie to sit on his rump and swing all day. I gotta teach that kid to pump!

One more day of work, then my four day weekend!! I can’t even wait! I so wish I had a summer break!!!


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  1. Auntie Manda said,

    ME TOO!!! Wouldn’t summer break kick so much ass right about now??? 😡

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