January 26, 2007

The Buggle Times: Month 6

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Today you turn six months old! Six months–half a year! Where has the time gone? It seems like you have been a part of this family forever. It’s hard to imagine our lives without you. What did we do all day? Not having to worry about feedings, diapers, and bedtimes…how did we spend our time? Anyone with a child will tell you how much they consume you. Not only am I consumed by you every waking moment but very often in my sleep too. My dreams are now filled with that precious Buggle smile–and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

This was a definite month of firsts. You started out the new year claiming your independence. First with your veracious love of drinking from Mommy or Daddy’s water bottle. We were very surprised at how well you did for the first time. You innately knew what to do, how to close your adorable lips around the top, wait for the water to come down, and then gulp it down. Since then you have been obsessed with water bottles. You’ll sit and play with an empty water bottle forever, like it is a finely crafted piece of art. When you’re sitting in your chair with us in the kitchen and we open the frig to grab a drink you start flailing and grunting like a little piggy. To remind us, as if we had forgotten, that you are still here and would like to wet your delicate palate too.

Best Toy EVER!

You have to love-hate relationship with your tippy cup. You love holding it, gnawing on it, and trying to get the water out. You know that there is water in there are that there probably an easy way of getting it out. If we have the leak guard stopper in it makes it hard for you to get the water out. Coordinating the sucking and tipping is still a bit advanced for you. So instead of frustrating the hell out of you we often times reward your attempts by removing the stopper. However, this allows the water to flow more freely. By freely I mean: all over your clothes. Although, you couldn’t careless, you’re in H2O heaven!

Love My Tippy

Seems logical that once you show an interest in water you would naturally show an interest in food, right? Uh, not so much. Your first attempt at big boy food wasn’t as successful as the water bottle. This picture sums up the entire experience nicely. So we held off on the five star dining for a few weeks, got some advice from the experts and now life is good. You’re eating a bowl of rice cereal in the morning and afternoon. You find the whole experience very exciting, you’re a real natural! 🙂

Yesterday was your three week-aversary sleeping in your big boy crib. Admittedly, the first three nights were rather hellish. More so on The Momma, I think. Those were not a restful three nights. We stuck it out, and now you (and me) are pro’s! The past few weeks we have been working on letting you put yourself back to sleep after your mid-night snack, which is quite possibly the best thing Momma has ever done! You’re doing great, sleeping sounder and longer. Which of course is music to The Momma’s ears!

Strollers, and swings, and Bjorns–oh, my! Weather permitting, we have been trying to take you on more outside outings. The look on your little face while looking around is one I hope to never forget. So innocent.

Bjorn Fun

You and Daddy had your first real bath together. You’ve had others, but only because you managed to get poop in areas where wipies can’t reach! You and Daddy splashed around, played with your duckie and had a good ole fashioned “mine is bigger than your’s” contest. But don’t worry Buddy, according to Daddy “there’s nothing wrong with second place!” 🙂

Tubby Time with Daddy

You have become a binkie master. You’re ability to pick it up and put it back in is amazing–and extremely helpful! You’ve mastered every surface: the counter, the ground, the exersaucer tray, and this morning when I came to get you from your crib you were laying there flailing around–with the binker in! I found that pretty amazing that you were able to find it in your crib and pop it back in all in the dark! Momma can’t even do that 100% of the time!

Look What I Can Do!

This age is by far the funnest as of yet. You are out of the scary tiny baby stage. I no longer have visions of accidentally banging your fragile head while walking through the door ways. You can easily entertain yourself and be entertained by our everyday activities. Like dishes! If Momma could be as fascinated by them as you are, life would be grand. You’re much less clingy and needy, which is helpful when we need to toss in a load of laundry, let the dog out, or even pee. As I told Daddy this morning: “This is the calm before the storm,” soon I will have visions of you climbing up the TV stand and pulling all 70 inches of The Backyardigans on Daddy’s big screen down on your little body! All out baby proofing is not that far in our future.

It’s still hard to believe that this is The Buggle Times: Month S.I.X.!

Bunches of love,




  1. tayce said,

    Happy half-way to ONE Buggle!! 🙂 We love you so, so, so, so, so much!!

  2. lnellis said,

    Happy Birthday Big Buggle Boy!! We love you big guy, and are so proud of all your accomplishments for 1/2 a year old!! Jasmine is going to be on the threshold of all that before we know it. We dream about many of things you are doing so well now………hi, sleeping is tops!! Love you Aidan!! L, C, & J

  3. laura said,

    Jen, you do a wonderful job with your writing! I look forward to reading about his continuing cuteness. 🙂 Will we still be writing about our little boys when they’re 16?
    I absolutely love the water story! So cool that he knows where the water is (getting excited when you open the fridge). And how much he enjoys water bottles. 😛
    Deeder does the same thing with his pacifier. It’s more of a chew toy now than something to suck on.

  4. grandma Fava said,

    It’s so hard to believe that your a half a year old!!
    Where does the time go!! You have done so much already and just wait to see what is in the next half a year!! Wow just so hard to believe you’re so old!! Not a baby no more! So when are you having a nother baby Jen? 😆 We are so proud of you all!! Love you all.

    Grandma and Grandpa

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