January 1, 2007

New Tricks

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 10:05 pm by Momma

The Buggle is getting more and more interested in food. When he watches us eat and his eyes never leave the utensil. He has even started grunting and flailing his arms and legs when we eat to show his displeasure that he isn’t taking part in the feast too. I have been planning on trying baby cereal once all the holiday craziness subsides. I think the big day might be this weekend! I can’t believe it’s here already! He’s such a little guy now! He wants to be more independent each day. It’s kinda sad! 😦 You never really understand “They grow so fast…” until you have one of your own. There needs to be stronger, more emphatic words to express that simple phrase, because those four little words do not even begin to convey reality the statement!Tonight at dinner the Buggle was so interested in Daddy’s water bottle and wanted a drink so badly that he gave in. It could only be described as pure elation! He was so excited and pleased with himself that it was nearly impossible to get the bottle from his tiny fingers, of course not before the Momma snapped a photo!


The Bugs is also working on his balance and strength. He loves standing while holding your fingers. He now can use only the couch as support, just another element in his quest for independence….

Look at Me!



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  1. tayce said,

    It’s all about the baby-food sweet potatoes! I so want to see the video of his first cereal experience!

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