November 26, 2007

The Aidan-Daidan Times: Month 15 & 16

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Today you turn sixteen months old! I am painfully aware that there is not post for month 15, but for good reason. We were too busy soaking up the golden Hawaiian rays of sunshine. So I apologize and will try to catch up on two whole months of Aidan goodness.

Sand Castle?  Nope, A Football!

Probably the biggest change you have made in these last months is in your autonomy. You are your own little person, with your own little agenda! You have mastered the “no” head shake. At first Dad-Oh and I thought this was so cute and were amazed that you understood what it meant and were able to use it correctly when communicating, now we are a bit more hesitant on the “cuteness.” You know we think it is cute and you use it to your advantage to tug at our parental heart strings. You little devil you! Case and point: You are still infatuated with the toilet water (eww, I know!) and when ever you weasel your way into the bathroom, lift the lid and take your little hand for a swim, we say, “Aidan, no-no! That’s yucky!” And you proceed to shake your head no all the while splashing away! ๐Ÿ™„

Thatโ€™s The Good Stuff

You are able to communicate so well now. You say “Momma, Mom, Mommy, Dad, Da-Da, baby, ball, hi, up, ish(yuck or icky), og (dog) and most importantly you are able to imitate us. So much so we should probably be more careful of our adjectives! Every night before bed when I am rocking you in the chair I sing (poorly) three rounds of You Are My Sunshine before putting you to bed. One night you were especially feisty and I swear you were trying to sing with me! There were no words but you were humming the tune perfectly–I wish I had my camera!

You are becoming a MONKEY! Climbing on everything! So much so that I finally need to get off my bum and get the jungle gym from Auntie Seimeen’s. You climb up and down your slide like a pro, you are in the process of mastering climbing on the couch, chairs, and anything else of similar height. You are surprisingly careful though. I’m sure I will bite my words in the future but for now you are cautious of your surroundings….

You LOVE books! Love, love, love them! Dad-Oh is still a bit worried, but I think it is great. You will drop everything for story time. Your little face lights up each time, as if it was the first time you have ever heard Little Bear Who do You Love, or I See a Monster. You will sit on the floor and read to yourself carefully turning each page, then when your are done you set the book to the side and then grab another. You read out loud to Dad-Oh and I looking up now and again to make sure we are still paying attention.

Chapter 2

Scholarly Boy

You love running around and rough housing with Dad-Oh. If you need any evidence click over to any of the Hawaii posts and see the many “This is Aidan being flung into the sky” pictures! Dad-Oh is constantly chasing you down calling you the name of the quarterback of which ever NFL team the Seahawks are playing that week. “Alex Smith goes down…” I apologize! But remember you are a beast in the middle and apparently it’s never too early to practice tackling.

Wrestle Mania

You are sleeping fairly well as of late. (I wish there was a smiley with his fingers crossed). A few nights ago you thought it would be fun to hang out and shoot the breeze at 2 am and unfortunately I thought differently. You REFUSED to go back to sleep and I had to be the mean, evil Mommy who let you cry it out in bed. You will not no how incredibly painful this is to do until you have children of your own. Mother Nature really knew what she was doing when she installed the primal urge to take care of your off spring! It physically hurts! My stomach churns and at any given moment I feel like my dinner is moments away from making a second appearance. Then I look at the clock because for all this to happen you must be crying for like an hour right? Nope, four minutes! FOUR minutes!!! But they are the longest most painful four minutes of my life when every cell in my body is screaming how badly my angel needs me! The only way I manage to muster up enough strength to fight the urge is to keep repeating, “I don’t remember anything from when I was 15/16 months old!”

Each morning I am so excited to see what the new day will bring, what amazing discoveries you will encounter. I don’t think Dad-Oh and I have gone a single night without saying “I just miss him, he should sleep with us, he misses us, he needs us…” before we fight the urge to scoop you up and snuggle you in bed with us.

You have broughten us closer than I ever thought two people could be. Every thing we do is for you and to give you the best life possible. At this very moment every ounce of my body is telling me to go cuddle you!

Bunches of Love,




  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Half Full Mommy is turning into Make Your Blog Readers Cry Mommy.

    Happy 15th and 16th Months Aidan – can’t wait to see all your new tricks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Pam said,

    See, Half full wasn’t so hard was it???

    But how did he “boughten” you so much closer?

    -and by the way, you can’t sue me ’cause I did declare where I stole the picture from, HA!


  3. grandma Fava said,

    Happy Birthday my little Bugs ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love you more then I ever thought I could love, you have become such a great little man ๐Ÿ˜† Your growing up so fast! grammie says knocky knock and you know just what to do, tap on the glass so cute. Hard to believe your getting closer and closer to being the Big 2 ๐Ÿ˜›

    I love with all my being!
    grammie and grampie

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