November 12, 2007

No Crocs Needed

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 8:17 pm by Momma

Well we’re home. We made it home in one piece on Saturday night. Wow. Was that a lot of traveling! I’m so glad I had a full day on Sunday to try to recoup before heading off to the ole grind stone today.

Aidan was very happy to be home and see all of his things. He went strait into the theater room and found his stash of books and hunkered down and started reading! So cute! You know he doesn’t get that from his father! 😛

Yes, Auntie Manda it is cold here! But we’re saving the freezing our asses off weather for when you come! How many more sleepins? :mrgreen: To be exact it’s about 50 degrees colder than Hawaii! Can you even believe that?! Dad-Oh’s comment when we came home: “It’s hard to know some place like that exists and still call this home!” I couldn’t agree more! I didn’t wear socks, a coat, long pants, or shoes that covered my toes for eight glorious days, and I!

Hawaii Boy

Last night I finally downloaded all 250 pictures into Photo Shop. I am still editing a few, but dang I can’t believe I took that many pictures! God bless digital! 🙂

Tomorrow is Aidan’s play group and I am sure he will be pleased as pie to see all his little buddies. He really likes playing with all the other kids. I am back to 20 hours a week at work so now I can go with them to play group. Which makes me very happy!

Before we left Seattle we killed some time in the South Center mall and can you even believe you can get pictures with Santa already? Even though it is way too early for my bah bum bugness to even slightly entertain that Christmas is right around the corner, I figured that this was our only chance for the Santa picture thing. So we did it. Aidan did marginally well, and we got two marginal pictures out of it. Pictures to come MUCH later. Like in DECEMBER, the month Christmas is actually in!

I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures: Aidan and Dad-Oh’s feet in the sand.




  1. grandma Fava said,

    Well I’m glad your all back! 😀 That sand picture of the feet is awsome! Good job! He looks so cute in his little Hawaii shirt. and you get to use it again in next year when you go back! 😥 I love you all!


  2. Auntie Manda said,

    Love the footprints pic but SO wanted to see the Santa one…common, Christmas is only 37 more sleepins! 😀

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