August 12, 2007


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Another fabulous day. Today is warmer than yesterday. Around 75, I think? Soooo nice! We started our morning of with a stroller ride through the Cross Trails with the Puppers, then we took her home, grabbed some bread and headed down to Swan Lake to feed the ducks.

Surprisingly, we were the only ones there. Which made it really nice. The ducks are very accustomed to getting fed so once they saw us about 20 duckies came waddling our way. The Buggle and I plopped down in the nice green grass and began pulling off tiny pieces for the ducks. Only, he didn’t quite get the idea that the bread was for feeding the ducks–not The Buggle. Anyway, he had a bit too:

Back Off–That’s MY Bread!

I took 30 pictures and he refused to look at me in every single one! Stinker! Thank goodness for digital photography!

Here he is standing in the grass with bare feet. He didn’t know what to make of the whole grass thing, so the standing didn’t last long.

This Feels Funny

A flock of ducks just landed right outside this picture. He was very interested when they all started quacking and squawking together! I like this picture because it shows his hair growing progress! 😛

Lovely Golden Locks



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    I think you have stolen our sun!!! We want it back!

    Love the hair growing and the keeping of the bread for himself but what’s with the Chicago outfit? Don’t you know when the Seahawks are playing, he HAS to be dressed in the proper regalia? You’re screwing with the mojo, woman! 😈

  2. Momma said,

    What part of bold “L’s” in each column do you NOT understand?!

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