July 17, 2007

Dad-Oh’s Favorite

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting at 8:07 am by Momma

Thought I would quickly post Dad-Oh’s favorite picture from the photo shoot. I thought I had a few minutes because The Buggle was occupied in his room looking at his books. He then sped over to me soaking wet. My first thought was that he puked up his recent bee-boo session…but then I KNEW! He managed to wrangle down my water bottle from the top of the night stand, pour it all over himself, the night stand, his books and the floor! Good times! Anyway, that is all cleaned up now…so here you go:

Dad-Oh’s Fave


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  1. jimmy dean said,

    <p>no wonder this is casey’s favorite, there is a striking similarity with one of his relatives. think ,<br />
    the bald head, the manner of dress and the always optimistic smile, and perhaps the posture.<br />
    hi great grandpa bill.</p>

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