September 4, 2007

Playing With Baby Kai

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood at 7:57 pm by Momma

The Buggle had a very special treat this morning! Baby Kai came over to play while his Mommy went to work. Usually, he goes over to his Grammie’s house but she is out of town visiting his baby cousin, Emily.

So many things I forgot about having a 15 week old baby! Like how much they sleep!!! I think he slept more than he was awake! 😛 Also I forgot what little baby poop was like! I’m so used to The Buggle’s big boy stinky poops, that it was nice (I was gonna say refreshing, but not so much!) to only have little baby poopy! AND having a baby that stays in one place and isn’t enamored with the toilet was such a delight! 😯

Bugs was very curious at the beginning. Kinda like: Where’d he come from and who does he belong to? 😛

Who’s This?

It’s amazing to see how much bigger Aidan is than Kai. At one point they were both sitting on the couch together and Dad-Oh said: “I’m pretty sure Aidan could eat Kai’s head!” Well…hopefully not but just look at the difference.

Just the Boys

Aidan did very well sharing his toys and his Momma. Only one time did he get a little possessive over his Mommy, and Dad-Oh had to intervene. Baby Kai was sitting in the walker playing with some toys and two of Aidan’s blocks. Aidan walks up to him, grabs the blocks and hides them in his castle! What a stinker! Luckily, Kai had no idea what had just happened and that my little one was not using his manners! He just moved on to another toy that caught his eye.

My Side, Your Side

And this one is just too darn cute not to post!!!

I’m Happy!



  1. grandma Fava said,

    Hard to believe Aidan was that small 😀 He looks like a giant compared to him. Two buds that will grow up together!! Did it make you want another one? Or is he one you can give back to mom and enjoy while he visits with Aidan? I can see them playing video games already 😉

  2. Pam said,

    awwee… the smile picture is awesome!

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    Grammie can see them playing video games – and I can see them doing…other stuff! The best of friends…

    I think the block story is a prime example of Aidan wanting a baby brother or sister. He needs someone to hide blocks from other than Brissers!! 🙂

    17 more sleepins!

  4. Momma said,

    Other stuff like sitting 6 rows up from Quest Field?!

  5. laura said,

    Oops! I forgot to comment 😛

    I was remembering how I thought Deeder was such a big boy when he was Kai’s size.

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