December 28, 2006

It’s Here!

Posted in Buggle Bite at 7:57 pm by Momma

I think he’ll have a few more Bad Hair Days in the future, since Momma & Daddy were both cue balls until the age of two! Sorry Buddy! Baldness, and poor eye sight are in your genes!

Bad Hair Day
I happen to think he makes balding look good!



  1. G. G. Gould said,

    Looking at this face makes one feel good. He is so darn cuite and seems like he is the happiest boy ever .I h ope he can stay that way.Bad hair and eyes be darned ggDot

  2. tayce said,

    Bald is BEAUTIFUL! 😉

  3. laura said,

    I was also bald into toddlerhood! You’re right your little guy sports the bald look beautifully 😛

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