December 17, 2007

Strong and Growing

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I should be in bed! The last few nights have really kicked my bootie! Aidan is in the process of cutting his top and bottom left molars! His top right molar is fully through and has chomped my investigative finger several times. He is doing really well in the day time and managing the pain from his new chompers nicely, but he more than makes up for it at night. I don’t know how many hours of sleep I have lost in the last three nights but it’s enough to make be want to go to bed before 8 pm!

Big Boy

I think Aidan is going through a growth spurt. He seems so much taller now. Several people have commented “I think he’s taller today!” I don’t know if it is his new big boy Adidas shoes (Christmas present from Carly Jo) or he’s getting more of the rough and tumble toddler look….what ever it is the kid is officially in 18-24 month clothing. I was still squeezing him into 12-18 month pants but unless a we’re due for a flood sometime soon, I prolly should retire the highwaters! 😕

Either this is his “Don’t mess with me the Seahawks lost” face, or my 16 month old has perfected the “stink eye!” Or maybe he’s mad I let him wear high waters in public?!