March 22, 2008

Shout Out

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So you thought football season was over, didn’tcha?! In our world football season is NEVER over! The actual season may be over, but that just means free agency, drafts and combines are just around the corner.  Dad-Oh is like a six year old on Christmas morning with all his Seahawks rumors. Every morning he checks the internet and ESPN ticker for any new developments.

Yesterday morning I came down stairs and Dad-Oh starts shouting, “Your boy got PAYYYD son!” Yes, I realize that you don’t actually spell paid that way, but due to the lack of ability to convey the accent and emphasis on a computer screen I try to make due.

Me, being still half asleep am like, “who exactly is my boy, again?” He frequently tells me various sports figures are “my boy.” I think he secretly hopes it will make me give a rip about his teams. Fat chance. Oh, yeah back to my boy…. Seattle Seahawks #51, Lofa Tatupu. The guy I have a pink glittery jersey for. Evidently, he got paid! 😛

Something about Seattle “locking him up” for his entire career, or until 2012.

This morning I was talking out loud about how I wanted Aidan to look “cute” for the party and wondering what I should put him in. I got busy with present wrapping and important phone calls so I motioned for Dad-Oh to take him upstairs and get him dressed. So, that was pretty much my first mistake….

Here is Dad-Oh’s shout out to my boy being payyyd, and his version of Aidan looking “cute” for the party!

Little Lofa


January 14, 2008

Champions: Part Two

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Since I promised you the newspaper photo yesterday, I thought I better deliver! The quality is very poor and pixelated (probably not really a word!). And the gem of a sports writer doesn’t even bother to include their names under the photo. He was probably too busy with all the other breaking sports news we have in this town! 🙄


Not a whole lot of other news to report. Auntie Manda has gone koo-koo and added a family member!

Aidan had a nice play date tonight with Jazzie girl, who is on the verge of walking! It won’t be long and the two of them will be chasing each other around the house!

Our new stay asleep past 5 am routine is looking favorable. Although, I’m sure that when we have gotten things all worked out another tooth cut to spoil our new found glory. Go figure! I better go now so I can bank some extra sleep credit while I can! 😆

January 13, 2008


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I would just like to give a little shout out to Dad-Oh–City League Basketball Champions! Whoo-Hoo! All that victorious rebounding, intense defense and floor burns didn’t even earn him a tee shirt! Cheap skates! The team will more than likely be in the paper tomorrow night. So stay tuned! 😛 Congrats, Honey! Of course you’re always a winner in my book! 😉

First lets talk about Aidan’s attempt to wake up for the day at 4:30 am! Yep, no typo I meant to type all three of those god awful early numbers! The little stinker started chirping like a little bird just before 4:30. I went in to his room and tried to lay him back down and he popped back up like a little rocket. So, I got him out of the crib, changed his pamper, and rocked him for awhile in the rocking chair. He was WIDE awake entire time. I must have dosed off about ten times because it seemed like every few minutes my body would tremble itself awake again. After about 20 minutes I put the baby bird back in his crib and again he popped back up. I left him alone to chirp it out until he began to fuss. Ten or so minutes later he started crying, so I got up one final time fetched him his binkie, laid him down and went back to bed. That was the last I heard from him until……drum roll please…..wait for it….wait……are ya ready?

8:10 am! I woke up a few times around 7, wondering if I should check on him because this was soooo far out of the ordinary that he had to have stopped breathing or escaped and went downstairs to watch hours and hours of uninterrupted Backyardigans. Either way at this point I was in such a state of euphoria that I didn’t care! 😛

So we are hoping to implement this into the “this is when normal people wake up” routine! Pray for us!

Tonight Aidan and I went to Ella’s house for a play date. She is so stinkin’ cute! Of course he was only interested in teaching her his bad habits.

Like crawling under her crib, a skill he learned from his Dad-Oh!

See Ya

What are you Doing?!

They had a blast chasing each other in and out of a cardboard box. Goes to show fancy light up toys aren’t always the biggest hit! I love how both of their pampers and peeking out their back sides! 😛

Beep Beep