February 1, 2008

I Did It!

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One month down…eleven to go! I manged to post every.single.day during the month of January, and in case you weren’t paying attention that was 31 posts!! I’m pretty sure I deserve a medal or something!

We woke up to 90000000 inches of snow this morning. ERRR! I don’t know where the heck it all came from but there it was covering the hill of death. As today is Friday, ie “play group day” we had to get out. Since we have been looking forward to it since Tuesday’s playgroup day! So Dad-Oh came to the rescue and called the snow plow guy, of course he didn’t come until after we left, but Dad-Oh was such a good guy he drove us down and hiked himself back to the house to work! Think he was trying to make himself look better after last nights post!

Since it is officially FEBRUARY I can now allow myself to begin the official Kona countdown! 😎 We don’t get to Hawaii until the 27th, but we leave Snowville on the 21st. So T minus 20 days! Countdown widget to come very soon!  In honor of our sunshine to be I am adding a link to my blog roll.  I have been a lurker to her site for awhile now, but I will now share her with you!