April 6, 2008

Morning Exercise

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Aidan uses his crib as a padded jungle gym. He jumps, flips, dances, stretches, bangs the back of the crib against our adjoining wall, and pretty much anything else he can think of. Unless it’s happening in the wee hours it’s pretty darn cute. Yesterday morning I went in to get him up for the day and found him doing some morning yoga stretches. He paid me no attention and kept right along with his business. You can’t rush these things, centering yourself takes time!

I left the room did a few things came back and he was still in his downward doggish pose. I debated on whether I should go downstairs and grab the camera, because inevitably he’d be done at the exact second I switched the camera to “on.” And honestly, who really wants to go up AND down the stairs for no reason before breakfast?

I chanced it, and much to my surprise he was still deeply centered when I came back camera in tow.

I managed to snap ONE picture before he lost his zen focus. It’s probably all my fault that the world is off kilter now!

Zen Baby


April 4, 2008


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Dad-Oh is leaving tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn to go to Anchorage for fish council meetings. I know you’re all asking yourself, “dang that sounds like so much fun how come you and Aidan aren’t going too?” Well, because I’d rather poke a hot needle in my eye than get up that early on purpose!

Aidan is working on cutting his eye teeth and has been a little stinker pot with his whole sleeping situation. Last night was better, but I’m pretty sure I owe that to Tylenol! The nights before were brutal. He took forever to go to sleep and would wake up ready to hang out around 3 am. Myself, NOT wanting to hang out used everything I had in reserves to make sure he did go back to sleep!

You would think that he would sleep in to make up for the fact that he missed more than two hours of zzz’s in the night, but no instead he woke up at the same time just crankier than a hornet! Good times, I promise! 🙄

Dad-Oh said that he can see the teeth just underneath the gums so I am crossing my fingers that things are on the up swing. All I need is a cranky toddler and no Dad-Oh to tag when he’s IT!

What’s that saying, “Anything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger an alcoholic?”

March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

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Easter 2008 has come and gone without much hoopla. We tried the ole “find the hidden eggs” thing and he could have cared less. He pretty much could have given a rip about Easter…until of course he realized that the chocolate bunny part of Easter isn’t half bad!

Back Off Or The Bunny Get’s It!

We didn’t get much accomplished today. Timing of events and nap time didn’t mesh so well together. Aidan woke up at 6:30 this morning and was primed and ready to go. Funny, how no one else wants to hang and celebrate Easter at seven am. We bounced around here and there for short bits and then headed home for an overdue nap. Once he was down he slept like a log. A log that I had to wake up at 4 pm, which kinda set he tone for about an hour. Luckily, he shook it off once he saw the big girls at Auntie Seimeen’s house. Funny how girls’ will do that to ya! 😛 Pep’s those boys right up!

We had a great dinner and Aidan did amazingly well. He’s very busy and requires constant supervision, but he was in good spirits the entire night! I think he was secretly hoping he’d get another go at that bunny if he was a good boy!

And he was…and he did!

I am WAY TOO Old For These!

Easter Rewind: Easter 2007

Baby Easter

Hasn’t he gotten so much bigger? He looks like such a big boy now. All the baby pudgie face is gone! My big guy is growing up so fast! Hardly looks like the same kid!

Happy Easter

What? So now you’re gonna tell me I have something on my face?! For your information, I am saving that for later!