January 18, 2008

Water Table Fun

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Carly Jo is back from her trip! Her more-than-a-month-long trip! 😛 To celebrate Aidan invited Carly, Jazzie and their families over for pizza and play time. The kiddos will sleep good tonight! They played hard! I think just about every toy got its chance to shine tonight. It was so great to have them all together again! It’s so crazy how big they have all gotten since our family Christmas six weeks ago! Time flies!

After pizza and after over hearing Dad-Oh pour the Daddy’s another “tottie” I pulled out the water table for the kids.

Think they had fun?

This is Better Than the Bath Tub

Aidan was having so much fun, he thought, “Hmm if it’s this much fun playing with my hands, I bet it will be a frickin’ blast if I climb in!”


Carly, being the older, more sensible one made sure that Aidan most certainly did not pop a squat in the water table! Unfortunately, Aidan had THIS to say:


I didn’t get one picture of them even remotely looking at the camera! But when you’re having all this fun, the camera can wait right!? 😀 Jazzie decided it would be great fun to use the shapes as a mini cup and drink the water, (which was clean and warm BTW) Carly thought this was grand! And for her to feed Jazzie the water herself would make it even that much more exciting! Jazzie was so cute, she’d say “Ahhh” after every swig! 😛

Try This!

I love this picture! It really shows off Aidan’s hair! 😆 It’s really coming in!

As you might imagine this water event left the kiddos sopping. I asked Carly if she wanted to borrow a dry shirt to wear home and she said “yes, mine is very wet and I’ll get cold!” Well alrighty then! I took her and Aidan upstairs and proceed to pull out some of Aidan’s clothes. She proceeded to tell me that my choices wouldn’t work because, “those are BOY shirts!” Hmm, well it kinda comes with the territory! She finally decided on a navy blue shirt with Hawaiian flowers, because “flowers are for girls!” 😛 She’s right! The shirt she chose was a hand me down and honestly I don’t know why I kept it. It would never fly with Dad-Oh!

Now all I have to do is convince Carly’s Mommy and Daddy that they need to go back to Kona, only this time with us! Jazzie and her family arrive a week later! I mean come on…how much fun would that be!!!