April 14, 2008

Seattle Aquarium

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Yesterday we met up with some friends and spent the morning at The Seattle Aquarium. Aidan had fun playing in the touch tanks and gnawing on a fake octopus tentacle.


Touch Tank


April 5, 2008

Hangin’ With The Girls

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Aidan’s social calendar was bursting at the seams today! First we headed over to Carly Jo’s for a morning play date. At first, it looked like it was going to turn out disastrous but then it actually turned out quite nice. We started off playing outside on Carly’s new swing set. Remember, a few posts back when I wrote about a ten foot slide? That’s where it went! Aidan didn’t really care for outside too much, even though it was sunny and beautiful it was still cold.


We tried playing in the bouncy castle and in the garage, but that too was a bust. Aidan was clingy and acting like he wanted to go to sleep right then and there on my shoulder. We were about to call it a day and head out when Carly started shouting, “NOOOO! I don’t want Aidan to go home, he needs to play with me!” She added emphasis with tears and feet stomping. Honestly, how could I NOT give in? So I made a deal with her. I told her we’d try to come in for five minutes and that I thought Aidan would like it if she picked him out a good book for us to read. Once upstairs in her room Aidan was a totally different kid. He was happy, he played, he enjoyed himself, and we all had a great time! We ended up staying almost two hours! Pretty good for what looked like it would be a wash!

We came home, ate lunch, read books and headed upstairs for a nap. He was out in seconds! That’s when Mommy kicked into high gear and waded through what seemed like 900 pounds of laundry! I am happy to report that every piece of laundry we own is clean and put away!

Aidan woke up happy as could be, he scarfed down his fish sticks and corn, then we headed to the grocery store to get some goodies for Carly Jo’s Mommy’s baby shower tomorrow. We came home and waited for Ella to come over for a play date! So many girls, so little time! 😎

Aidan played hard to get at first, but then he was all about showing her around his pad! The kids had a blast chasing each other. She toddled around the house calling for Aidan, “Ai, Ai?” It was adorable!

Could They BEEE Any Cuter?

Doesn’t he look like he’s posing for a photo shoot with his sweetie?! I’m pretty sure they are the cutest kids on the planet!

If this picture didn’t convince you this video should. Pay no attention to the over the top Mommy voice!!!

March 31, 2008


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Aidan is an official graduate of Kindermusik. I don’t know who is happier it’s finally over, Aidan or Dad-Oh! I just don’t know what those two will do on Monday mornings now? It was lame, but it was a guaranteed indoor outing nonetheless. It sure beats hanging out at the Sitka Airport for fun! 🙄

Hopefully, (hint hint Mother Nature) it will start getting warmer out and we can have outside activities. I tried taking Aidan to the park this weekend and while it wasn’t snowing/raining/precipitating at that exact moment the wind was piercingly cold and Aidan wanted NO part of Mommy’s ridiculous outing!

Aidan and I had a good night together. Dad-Oh is already starting to get the boat in order and was taking care of errands while I hung out with my big boy. We visited Auntie Seimeen and her Mommy who is visiting from Santa Barbara. And as far as I can tell those darn TSA’s stole her extra degrees that she stuffed in her suitcase too! I’m pretty sure it’s time to complain!

All the excitement of graduating from Kindermusik must have tuckered the little guy out because he was out like a light once his little cheek hit the mattress tonight!

I hear it’s hard being a music prodigy! 😆

March 28, 2008

Playing Hookie

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Wow! I get more comments when I don’t post than when I do! No, I’m not dead or laying along the road some where. No meteor hit my house. And as far as I know I haven’t been abducted by aliens.

I’m comin’ clean, I totally played hookie last night. Dad-Oh fell asleep early, and I went downstairs watched the DVR’d finale of Apprentice, and Rachel Ray and didn’t feel a bit guilty!

It was kinda like the time Auntie Manda and I skipped second period in high school to stay home and watch Jerry Springer. Then of course when it came time for forth period to start we really weren’t that interested.  Then it’s like we’ve already skipped second and forth periods why would we bother going to sixth!? We were logical that way.

That was the best episode of Jerry Springer ever! I still remember what the crazy lady looked like as she told her baby’s daddy’s mistress what she did to her toothbrush and leather couch! 😯

Auntie Manda and I got closer that day and I think there was an unspoken, “I’d totally do that to your toothbrush if you effed me over like that” understanding!

Rachel Ray’s daytime talk show is my new guilty pleasure. I started watching it in Portland while Aidan napped. Since I didn’t have an internet connection, I had to occupy my time some how! She’s totally worth DVRing. It only takes about 40 mins to watch at night when you fast forward through the commercials.

Carly Jo’s Mommy came over today for her website tutorial, and folks I am happy to report that she successfully published her first post with pictures, AND a youtube video! Check out her handy work and give her a little love in the comment section!

March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

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Easter 2008 has come and gone without much hoopla. We tried the ole “find the hidden eggs” thing and he could have cared less. He pretty much could have given a rip about Easter…until of course he realized that the chocolate bunny part of Easter isn’t half bad!

Back Off Or The Bunny Get’s It!

We didn’t get much accomplished today. Timing of events and nap time didn’t mesh so well together. Aidan woke up at 6:30 this morning and was primed and ready to go. Funny, how no one else wants to hang and celebrate Easter at seven am. We bounced around here and there for short bits and then headed home for an overdue nap. Once he was down he slept like a log. A log that I had to wake up at 4 pm, which kinda set he tone for about an hour. Luckily, he shook it off once he saw the big girls at Auntie Seimeen’s house. Funny how girls’ will do that to ya! 😛 Pep’s those boys right up!

We had a great dinner and Aidan did amazingly well. He’s very busy and requires constant supervision, but he was in good spirits the entire night! I think he was secretly hoping he’d get another go at that bunny if he was a good boy!

And he was…and he did!

I am WAY TOO Old For These!

Easter Rewind: Easter 2007

Baby Easter

Hasn’t he gotten so much bigger? He looks like such a big boy now. All the baby pudgie face is gone! My big guy is growing up so fast! Hardly looks like the same kid!

Happy Easter

What? So now you’re gonna tell me I have something on my face?! For your information, I am saving that for later!

March 21, 2008

Blogging Blues

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I am tired, worn out and am not enjoying blogging everyday. I have no idea what to write about and I think it’s a waste of time writing blah blah blah every night. But alas I will continue at least one more day.

I took Aidan to play group today and I think he did the best he has ever done. He was happy, he played, he played with kids and then he’d come over now and again and give me a great big hug. That’s his newest thing, “big hugs.” He comes up to me puts his arms in the air for me to pick him up and then puts both arms around my shoulders and gives me a great big bear hug. It’s adorable! I can never have enough hugs! He’s so darn cute lately! Well, he’s always cute, but he’s having an extra cute week!

Tomorrow is Carly Jo’s third birthday and we will be helping her celebrate by devouring the pinkest cake and ice cream ever to grace the planet. Pink IS her favorite color, you know! 😛

Tomorrow night we are having Grammie come over to watch the big guy and Dad-Oh and I are helping Auntie Niki celebrate her birthday with dinner and a little adult conversation. Sorry no pink cake here. Unless, I get a “to go” slice from Carly’s party?

Then more excitement to come on Easter Sunday with egg hunts, basket hunts and dinner with friends. We are chalked full of fun and excitement, folks. Let’s just hope we don’t run out of gas! 🙄

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