April 17, 2008


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If all things go according to plan we should be able to come home tomorrow. We are very excited, even though I hear it is snowing! 😡

I don’t have much to say other than I am tired and ready to sleep in my own bed!

Until then, I will post a few pictures of the cutest toddler I know, especially for his Dad-Oh who misses him like crazy!

Rock climbing at the aquarium

Rock Climbing

Reading books at Barnes and Noble

Good Read

Checking out the sites at the Rain Forest Cafe



April 12, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo

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We took advantage of the Emerald City’s first sun sighting in 45 days by enjoying the Woodland Park Zoo. The sun is shining bright and it was a wonderful day to enjoy the animals. The only draw back? Apparently, EVERYONE else in the greater Seattle area had the exact same idea! We waited over half an hour just to get our tickets, or just enough time for Aidan to conk out in the stroller!

Sleepy Head

If I remember correctly this wasn’t the first time you took a siesta at the zoo! Only this time you woke up to see a few of the sights.

Zoo Baby

Aidan never got excited over any of the animals. He just liked being outside in the open with the sun shining down on his casperness.


Tomorrow we will be occupying a bit of our time at the three story Old Navy. Yes, folks you heard me right! A THREE STORY OLD NAVY! Or for lack of better words, “The Mecca!”

The Sun!

April 11, 2008


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Here are just a couple pictures to satisfy Dad-Oh’s Aidan fix! We miss you, honey!

Aidan and Ellla Cart Crashing

Aidan, Meet Noah

April 1, 2008

Tee Hee Hee

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Next week Aidan and I are going on a trip to Seattle with Grammie. I have been looking at hotels and rental cars the last couple of days and sending her links to what I have found. I found a hotel that is in close proximity to downtown and sent her the link. Or what I THOUGHT was the link…

I sent THIS! 😯

When I meant to send this. Ooopsie…. So I forgot to type “hotel” at the end of Baroness. April Fools!

I got a call today from Grammie wondering what in the hell I sent her. She kept talking about “leather,” and “rubber.” She said she was looking through all the links in the sidebar trying to find “hotel.” Um, mom I hate to break it to you, but if the hotels home page has a creepy looking crazy guy in patent leather Daisy Dukes on their homepage, you can safely bet that I won’t be a guest at that establishment!

That was my April Fools laugh for the day! 😆

March 31, 2008


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Aidan is an official graduate of Kindermusik. I don’t know who is happier it’s finally over, Aidan or Dad-Oh! I just don’t know what those two will do on Monday mornings now? It was lame, but it was a guaranteed indoor outing nonetheless. It sure beats hanging out at the Sitka Airport for fun! 🙄

Hopefully, (hint hint Mother Nature) it will start getting warmer out and we can have outside activities. I tried taking Aidan to the park this weekend and while it wasn’t snowing/raining/precipitating at that exact moment the wind was piercingly cold and Aidan wanted NO part of Mommy’s ridiculous outing!

Aidan and I had a good night together. Dad-Oh is already starting to get the boat in order and was taking care of errands while I hung out with my big boy. We visited Auntie Seimeen and her Mommy who is visiting from Santa Barbara. And as far as I can tell those darn TSA’s stole her extra degrees that she stuffed in her suitcase too! I’m pretty sure it’s time to complain!

All the excitement of graduating from Kindermusik must have tuckered the little guy out because he was out like a light once his little cheek hit the mattress tonight!

I hear it’s hard being a music prodigy! 😆

March 30, 2008

The Aidan-Daidan Times: Month 19 & 20

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Dearest Aidan Daidan:

Perhaps I should give a shout out to Dooce and call this the Aidan-Daidan Times: LONG OVERDUE EDITION! We were on vacation with sketchy internet connectivity when you turned 19 months old, then we were in tropical paradise and I was lazy, then it was like okay may as well wait now that you’re almost twenty months, and now it’s pretty much back to me being lazy again!


Alas here you are twenty months old! Just four short months shy of your big numero dos! If that’s not the craziest thing you have ever heard, I don’t know what is! You are rougher and tumbler then you ever have been. Just today you did this half face plant half fall off the stairs thingy at Jazzie’s house and you got up and went about your business without even a teensy peep. It does make me happy that not every little gust of wind makes you cry, but sometimes it really makes me wonder where the pain goes. Cuz, I’ve seen some doozies that HAVE to hurt.

At Your Own Risk

All the extra vitamin D from the Hawaiian sun triggered a growth spurt, because now that we’re back all of your 18-24 month pants are total high waters. And as we have discussed before boys can’t get away with calling them “capri’s!” An Old Navy order full of 2T pants should be arriving any day. 2T!!!?? I’m officially done with the clothes listed by months! 😦



The vitamin D sprouted a few new hairs on your little noggin too! A definite cause for celebration! After you wake from your afternoon nap you just about always have bed head! I never thought bed head would be such a milestone! You’re still no where near that first haircut! Maybe in six months?

Blowin’ In the Wind

You favorite new activity is grabbing me by the hand, pushing me up the stairs into your room, standing under the shelf in the closet where we keep your binkies, lifting your arms in the air and going, “AHHHHHH” until I bring the jar down for you. You LOVE playing with your binkies. You don’t even suck on them much, you just have a ball organizing them, stacking them, putting them in and our of the jar, and hiding them in obscure places. You did this for over 30 minutes while I organized tax papers in the office. If it wasn’t for the clicking of the handles I would have thought you fell asleep! Silly guy!


My most favoritest new activity this month is “big hugs.” It’s so darn cute and can make a bad day disappear in the blink of an eye. You try so hard to make your little arms reach all the way around my shoulders as you squeeze with all your might. Who knows maybe you’re really putting some binkie retrieving spell on me, but I like it just the same! When you are really tired you’ll give big hugs, then nuzzle your little head on my shoulder and get limp as a noodle. Which of course, makes my heart melt every.single.time!

Last night as I was clicking though all 3000 of your pictures, I saw you grow up right before my eyes! It was sad! My little baby Buggle is a big guy now! You come up past my hip! Which may or may not be a big deal, I have been called a “Hobbit-like creature” once or twice! Most days you eat more food than I do, and have far more energy than I do in any given week. And this is just the beginning! The sadness of missing yesterday leaves me longing for the joys of tomorrow. And the next day, and the next…

Bunches of Love,


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