January 14, 2008

Champions: Part Two

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Since I promised you the newspaper photo yesterday, I thought I better deliver! The quality is very poor and pixelated (probably not really a word!). And the gem of a sports writer doesn’t even bother to include their names under the photo. He was probably too busy with all the other breaking sports news we have in this town! 🙄


Not a whole lot of other news to report. Auntie Manda has gone koo-koo and added a family member!

Aidan had a nice play date tonight with Jazzie girl, who is on the verge of walking! It won’t be long and the two of them will be chasing each other around the house!

Our new stay asleep past 5 am routine is looking favorable. Although, I’m sure that when we have gotten things all worked out another tooth cut to spoil our new found glory. Go figure! I better go now so I can bank some extra sleep credit while I can! 😆