January 29, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

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For as long as I can remember my Mom has been telling stories about how, “Jenny (ewww! don’t you dare call me that!) didn’t have hair until she was over two years old!”

I can remember thinking to myself “oh please, I had to have had hair by then! ALL kids have hair by two! She’s just exaggerating for emphasis.” 🙄

Well, I am here to tell all nine of you that I am beginning to see some truth in the aforementioned statement! Okay, Mother Dearest here you go: I WAS WRONG!

While Aidan’s hair is definitely beginning to make an appearance, he has a long way to go before I post the “first haircut” photos! 😆

Just Call Me, Mommy No Hair

This is me way back in the 80’s! From what I can tell I think I am 18-19 months old. Definitely no Rapunzel! Guess saving on haircuts runs in the family!

No Hair

It is clear that neither of us will be making a donation to Locks of Love anytime soon! But aren’t we DARN cute!

If the picture of me wasn’t so old and 80’s looking I think it could pass as a picture of Aidan! Think he looks like me much!?