April 17, 2008


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If all things go according to plan we should be able to come home tomorrow. We are very excited, even though I hear it is snowing! 😡

I don’t have much to say other than I am tired and ready to sleep in my own bed!

Until then, I will post a few pictures of the cutest toddler I know, especially for his Dad-Oh who misses him like crazy!

Rock climbing at the aquarium

Rock Climbing

Reading books at Barnes and Noble

Good Read

Checking out the sites at the Rain Forest Cafe



April 14, 2008

Seattle Aquarium

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Yesterday we met up with some friends and spent the morning at The Seattle Aquarium. Aidan had fun playing in the touch tanks and gnawing on a fake octopus tentacle.


Touch Tank

April 12, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo

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We took advantage of the Emerald City’s first sun sighting in 45 days by enjoying the Woodland Park Zoo. The sun is shining bright and it was a wonderful day to enjoy the animals. The only draw back? Apparently, EVERYONE else in the greater Seattle area had the exact same idea! We waited over half an hour just to get our tickets, or just enough time for Aidan to conk out in the stroller!

Sleepy Head

If I remember correctly this wasn’t the first time you took a siesta at the zoo! Only this time you woke up to see a few of the sights.

Zoo Baby

Aidan never got excited over any of the animals. He just liked being outside in the open with the sun shining down on his casperness.


Tomorrow we will be occupying a bit of our time at the three story Old Navy. Yes, folks you heard me right! A THREE STORY OLD NAVY! Or for lack of better words, “The Mecca!”

The Sun!

April 11, 2008


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Here are just a couple pictures to satisfy Dad-Oh’s Aidan fix! We miss you, honey!

Aidan and Ellla Cart Crashing

Aidan, Meet Noah

March 26, 2008

Then and Now

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Wordless Wednesday!



March 16, 2008


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Yes, we made it home.

Yes, we are exhausted.

Yes, Aidan fell right asleep.

Yes, I am on my way to bed.

NO!! The fifty degrees I packed in my suitcase did not make it! They must have gotten lost along the way. I can only hope that they find their way home!

“Oh, Well!”

Forget About It!

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