March 25, 2008


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After reading Auntie Manda’s post today, I began wondering who has been looking at my YouTube videos and wondered where, if any where they had gone.

I had a great time watching some of my old baby Buggle videos. I still can’t believe how much he has changed. Some of the videos were added over a year ago when he was barely sitting by himself. Man, how time f…l…i….e….s!

Although, I didn’t find that any of my videos had been downloaded over 4000 times and uploaded to some crazy music site I did find that Aidan’s dino video ended up here.

So there Auntie Manda we may not have 4000+ hits but we’re INTERNATIONAL! Or as Dad-Oh would say, “we’re international SON!” 😛 Apparently we have a German following! I have a feeling Aidan will be hanging with Hasselhoff at the 20 year Berlin Wall memorial party! So there you can have your Paris and Brittany!  We’ve got the Hoff!   🙄


March 11, 2008

Goodbye Sandals

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Our time in paradise has officially come to an end! 😦 It is tragic! We had an amazing trip. The weather goes without saying, but it was delightful to go 14 whole days without socks, a coat and sporting a pony tail!

Be forewarned that there will be NO post tomorrow. You’ll survive–I promise! Our flight touches down in Seattle at 10 pm there time, and after we get to the hotel the last thing I’ll be doing is pulling out the ole Eee PC!

Rest assured that when we get home on Sunday, I will be processing TWO full gigs of video and pictures. Insane–I know!

Until then, goodbye 82 degree tropical bliss. I will miss you! 😎

February 4, 2008

Tag, Tag, Tag

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I can’t get away from you people! 😛 I think we need to widen our circle of friends! 😮

Honestly people I’m NOT that interesting! Here goes nothing….

4 Jobs I’ve had:

  1. Restaurant server
  2. Nanny
  3. Retail
  4. Dental hygienist assistant

4 Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:

  1. 16 Candles
  2. Bad Santa
  3. Never Ending Story
  4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

4 Places I have Been:

  1. England
  2. Ireland
  3. Italy
  4. Greece

4 Places I have Lived:

  1. Sac-Town
  2. Sitka (my parents house, an apartment, and our house)
  3. Oregon (Clackamas, and Tigard)
  4. That’s it! Told you I’m not that interesting!

4 Show’s I Watch (when there ISN’T a writers strike!):

  1. LOST
  2. Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Survivor
  4. Amazing Race
  5. Boston Legal
  6. Rules of Engagement
  7. Private Practice

4 People That Email me Regularly:

  1. Mandykins 😳
  2. People at work that want me to cover for them
  3. Jazzie’s Mommy
  4. The guy in south Africa wanting me to help him claim his millions! 🙄

4 Favorite Foods:

  1. Anything Italian
  2. Anything cheesecake
  3. Home made tacos
  4. My Oma’s scrambled eggs!

4 Places I’d Rather Be:

  1. Any where without snow
  2. Our wedding location–BEAUTIFUL!
  3. On the beach with my fam
  4. Any where without snow (did I already mention that?)

Instead of tagging my three friends back, I’ll leave you with the world’s cutest toddler!

Beautiful Baby Blues!

January 31, 2008

Prolly More Than You Ever Wanted to Know!

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Tonight as I post this my DVR is impatiently waiting for me to come downstairs and FINALLY, after nearly a year, watch the premier of the GREATEST.SHOW.EVER: LOST!

So instead of thinking of something outrageously witty to write, like I do everyday! 🙄 I will leave you with a little sneak peak as to what life is like living with Dad-Oh! 😛

First off how could we ever forget THIS? This is classic Dad-Oh and will no doubt go down in the “remember when I” history book!

We have cathedral style ceilings in our upstairs so replacing light bulbs myself is out of the question. We had six out in various rooms forever! This task had been on the “honey do” list for nearly a month. Finally after lots of nagging gentle reminders last week Dad-Oh tackled the job. Not without a little humor, of course!

Light Boobs

After Tater and his fam left, Aidan and I deflated the castle bouncer and put most of the balls away. One night I got ready for bed and when I went into our room I noticed that Dad-Oh had made the bed. Yeah, even the SENTENCE sounds suspicious, right? I thought nothing of it, until I pulled back the covers on my side and…viola!

Hee hee!

Instead of neatly picking them up and putting them back into the bag, I simply gave a little push on over to his side of the bed, and tucked myself right in! 😆

January 20, 2008


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Woe is me! I had a great post ready for today with pictures of our park outing. But instead I am highly annoyed an irritated with computer problems. I turned my regular PC off this morning just like I always do, and when I went to turn it back on later this evening: NOTHING!!! I called DELL for tech support ($39 tech support). Sub standard tech support might I add. She basically had me unplug and then re-plug in every single wire, modem, video card, memory chip and battery inside the computer. An hour and a half later she told me she couldn’t help me and that I more than likely need a new mother board. She gave me a phone number, product code and then asked, “is there anything else I can help you with tonight!” Was she trying to be snide, or just condescending? I should have said, “Since you did such a brilliant job of helping me with my first problem maybe you can help me tackle global warming?” EFF!

So I called my go to tech guy, and he’s going to come over this week and take a looksie, and hopefully at least get my 3000 Aidan-Daidan photos off the hard drive! So, for know I will sit and wait 40 bucks poorer and lots more irritated!

UPDATE: It is 10:45 pm and as I came upstairs to get ready for bed I looked at the computer screen and it was telling me to press F1 to reboot! WTF? How it turned itself on and booted up…I have no idea! Immaculate connection?  But before it decides to turn itself back off, I am burning all 3000 of my pictures/movies onto DVD’s. I’m pretty sure the machine is cookoo! Moral of the story? Back up anything you care about!!!

January 15, 2008

A Little Ego Boost

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Tonight was the premier of American Idol. I am not a huge mega fan, just excited for some new TV. This writers strike is really cramping my style! All I want are my usual shows back on their regular nights! Is that so much to ask!?

After we put Aidan down for the night Dad-Oh and I plopped down on the couch and watched a little Idol on DVR. There is something magical about sitting in front of your TV watching total strangers make complete asses of themselves. I have come to the conclusion that I am better than at least 2% of America! And that does a lot for the self esteem! 🙂

I will be the first to admit that I am no Kelly Clarkson, but I’m not on National TV sporting my “talent” dressed in a Princess Laya outfit either!

That’s all for tonight! I would totally have taken this night off, but I am committed to my Blog 365!

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