April 25, 2008

Sun Shine Day

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Today was an action packed, sun-filled day. Aidan slept great last night and didn’t wake up until after seven this morning. It could have gone down hill from there and still been a good day! But it didn’t! Aidan and I got up and went downstairs and let Dad-Oh sleep in–until NINE FIFTEEN!!!

I made Aidan his oatmeal with blueberries while he played with his toys. When it was time to eat Aidan decided he was going to fish out every.single.blueberry in the bowl and refuse any of the actual oatmeal! Good times! Oh, well aren’t blueberries really high in antioxidants?

We headed out the door for play group, ON TIME and Aidan hung out with all his buddies. He knows exactly where we are going and runs all the way from the car to play group. Which is actually pretty far. It’s held in in the third floor chapel of our old folks home.

We had a yummy lunch with my co worker and her little blue eyed cutie before heading home for nap time. After nap time our Nanny came over to learn the routine. Aidan was on his best behavior! Such a good boy he is. Then we were off to the park to get some outdoor exercise. He loves climbing up the stairs of the big twisty slide!

Did I mention Dad-Oh slept until NINE-FIFTEEN? I better bold that just in case you missed it!  😛


April 19, 2008

We’re Home

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We made it home last night. We were only twenty minutes late, which is pretty much “on time” when the plane stops any where else before landing in Sitka. The flight from Seattle was great! I carried the car seat on and Aidan slept the entire way to Ketchikan. I rarely bring the car seat on the plane with us because if he doesn’t want to sleep it makes the ride hell! He tries to escape and wiggle out of his buckle, then he ends up on my lap and I have less room because I am sitting next to a giant car seat. I had a feeling he would totally crash this time and after he RAN in the terminal for over an hour I knew he’d zonk out right after take off. And sure enough! Out like a light!

It was wonderful to sleep in my own bed last night! Aidan missed his bed too! He slept surprisingly well for having a crazy day. The best part? The AM shift was all Dad-Oh! I got to sleep in, relax, and mosey my way to the shower. Just what I needed!

We took a family nap this afternoon. Don’t you just love those? The weather was beautiful so after Aidan scarffed down a grilled cheese we took him outside to swing on his swing set. It was almost not even cold out…almost! Tonight we had dinner with friends and now it’s almost time to sleep again! I can’t think of a better way to spend the day! 😛

April 14, 2008

Seattle Aquarium

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Yesterday we met up with some friends and spent the morning at The Seattle Aquarium. Aidan had fun playing in the touch tanks and gnawing on a fake octopus tentacle.


Touch Tank

April 5, 2008

Hangin’ With The Girls

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Aidan’s social calendar was bursting at the seams today! First we headed over to Carly Jo’s for a morning play date. At first, it looked like it was going to turn out disastrous but then it actually turned out quite nice. We started off playing outside on Carly’s new swing set. Remember, a few posts back when I wrote about a ten foot slide? That’s where it went! Aidan didn’t really care for outside too much, even though it was sunny and beautiful it was still cold.


We tried playing in the bouncy castle and in the garage, but that too was a bust. Aidan was clingy and acting like he wanted to go to sleep right then and there on my shoulder. We were about to call it a day and head out when Carly started shouting, “NOOOO! I don’t want Aidan to go home, he needs to play with me!” She added emphasis with tears and feet stomping. Honestly, how could I NOT give in? So I made a deal with her. I told her we’d try to come in for five minutes and that I thought Aidan would like it if she picked him out a good book for us to read. Once upstairs in her room Aidan was a totally different kid. He was happy, he played, he enjoyed himself, and we all had a great time! We ended up staying almost two hours! Pretty good for what looked like it would be a wash!

We came home, ate lunch, read books and headed upstairs for a nap. He was out in seconds! That’s when Mommy kicked into high gear and waded through what seemed like 900 pounds of laundry! I am happy to report that every piece of laundry we own is clean and put away!

Aidan woke up happy as could be, he scarfed down his fish sticks and corn, then we headed to the grocery store to get some goodies for Carly Jo’s Mommy’s baby shower tomorrow. We came home and waited for Ella to come over for a play date! So many girls, so little time! 😎

Aidan played hard to get at first, but then he was all about showing her around his pad! The kids had a blast chasing each other. She toddled around the house calling for Aidan, “Ai, Ai?” It was adorable!

Could They BEEE Any Cuter?

Doesn’t he look like he’s posing for a photo shoot with his sweetie?! I’m pretty sure they are the cutest kids on the planet!

If this picture didn’t convince you this video should. Pay no attention to the over the top Mommy voice!!!

March 30, 2008

The Aidan-Daidan Times: Month 19 & 20

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Dearest Aidan Daidan:

Perhaps I should give a shout out to Dooce and call this the Aidan-Daidan Times: LONG OVERDUE EDITION! We were on vacation with sketchy internet connectivity when you turned 19 months old, then we were in tropical paradise and I was lazy, then it was like okay may as well wait now that you’re almost twenty months, and now it’s pretty much back to me being lazy again!


Alas here you are twenty months old! Just four short months shy of your big numero dos! If that’s not the craziest thing you have ever heard, I don’t know what is! You are rougher and tumbler then you ever have been. Just today you did this half face plant half fall off the stairs thingy at Jazzie’s house and you got up and went about your business without even a teensy peep. It does make me happy that not every little gust of wind makes you cry, but sometimes it really makes me wonder where the pain goes. Cuz, I’ve seen some doozies that HAVE to hurt.

At Your Own Risk

All the extra vitamin D from the Hawaiian sun triggered a growth spurt, because now that we’re back all of your 18-24 month pants are total high waters. And as we have discussed before boys can’t get away with calling them “capri’s!” An Old Navy order full of 2T pants should be arriving any day. 2T!!!?? I’m officially done with the clothes listed by months! 😦



The vitamin D sprouted a few new hairs on your little noggin too! A definite cause for celebration! After you wake from your afternoon nap you just about always have bed head! I never thought bed head would be such a milestone! You’re still no where near that first haircut! Maybe in six months?

Blowin’ In the Wind

You favorite new activity is grabbing me by the hand, pushing me up the stairs into your room, standing under the shelf in the closet where we keep your binkies, lifting your arms in the air and going, “AHHHHHH” until I bring the jar down for you. You LOVE playing with your binkies. You don’t even suck on them much, you just have a ball organizing them, stacking them, putting them in and our of the jar, and hiding them in obscure places. You did this for over 30 minutes while I organized tax papers in the office. If it wasn’t for the clicking of the handles I would have thought you fell asleep! Silly guy!


My most favoritest new activity this month is “big hugs.” It’s so darn cute and can make a bad day disappear in the blink of an eye. You try so hard to make your little arms reach all the way around my shoulders as you squeeze with all your might. Who knows maybe you’re really putting some binkie retrieving spell on me, but I like it just the same! When you are really tired you’ll give big hugs, then nuzzle your little head on my shoulder and get limp as a noodle. Which of course, makes my heart melt every.single.time!

Last night as I was clicking though all 3000 of your pictures, I saw you grow up right before my eyes! It was sad! My little baby Buggle is a big guy now! You come up past my hip! Which may or may not be a big deal, I have been called a “Hobbit-like creature” once or twice! Most days you eat more food than I do, and have far more energy than I do in any given week. And this is just the beginning! The sadness of missing yesterday leaves me longing for the joys of tomorrow. And the next day, and the next…

Bunches of Love,


March 28, 2008

Playing Hookie

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Wow! I get more comments when I don’t post than when I do! No, I’m not dead or laying along the road some where. No meteor hit my house. And as far as I know I haven’t been abducted by aliens.

I’m comin’ clean, I totally played hookie last night. Dad-Oh fell asleep early, and I went downstairs watched the DVR’d finale of Apprentice, and Rachel Ray and didn’t feel a bit guilty!

It was kinda like the time Auntie Manda and I skipped second period in high school to stay home and watch Jerry Springer. Then of course when it came time for forth period to start we really weren’t that interested.  Then it’s like we’ve already skipped second and forth periods why would we bother going to sixth!? We were logical that way.

That was the best episode of Jerry Springer ever! I still remember what the crazy lady looked like as she told her baby’s daddy’s mistress what she did to her toothbrush and leather couch! 😯

Auntie Manda and I got closer that day and I think there was an unspoken, “I’d totally do that to your toothbrush if you effed me over like that” understanding!

Rachel Ray’s daytime talk show is my new guilty pleasure. I started watching it in Portland while Aidan napped. Since I didn’t have an internet connection, I had to occupy my time some how! She’s totally worth DVRing. It only takes about 40 mins to watch at night when you fast forward through the commercials.

Carly Jo’s Mommy came over today for her website tutorial, and folks I am happy to report that she successfully published her first post with pictures, AND a youtube video! Check out her handy work and give her a little love in the comment section!

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