May 11, 2008

Ode to My Mama

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Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest, most resilient woman I know!  I Love You!


May 1, 2008

Now I Know My ABC’s

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Aidan decided to wake up at 4 am this morning.  Good times!  I heard him thumping around in his crib so I got up and went into his room.  When I opened the door I was met with him running from side to side in his crib singing, “SSSS, TTTTT.”  Even though it was very cute there is something discouraging about your toddler singing the ABC’s and running a muck in his crib at 4 am!

I picked him up and we rocked in the glider for about twenty minutes before I put  him back to bed.  He stayed quiet-ish until about 5, then he began running again.  I got up tossed some books and toys in with him and went back to bed until 6.  Then I met the morning with one eye open and counting the hours until bedtime!

Tonight he and I were singing the ABC’s and Dad-Oh grabbed the camera.  Lucky you!  😛  Pay no attention to my glasses and there is a darn good reason I am not on Idol so no need to rub it in!

April 27, 2008

Story Time With Mommy

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My little guy is becoming a smart little cookie.  He’s at the point now where you can tell he is really starting to understand most everything you say and he tries his best to communicate his thoughts back.  He has been really absorbing his ABC’s from starfall.  He can recognize and name about ten letters of the alphabet.  He knows what sounds they make too!  His favorites are “S” and “P.”  When I click either of these he says, “S” and then starts making the sssss sound, and is doing his very best to perfect his mimicking of “skateboard!”

Here is a little video of him finishing the last line of each page of his book.  Well, for the first three pages anyway…then, well he IS.OVER.IT!  😉

April 25, 2008

Sun Shine Day

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Today was an action packed, sun-filled day. Aidan slept great last night and didn’t wake up until after seven this morning. It could have gone down hill from there and still been a good day! But it didn’t! Aidan and I got up and went downstairs and let Dad-Oh sleep in–until NINE FIFTEEN!!!

I made Aidan his oatmeal with blueberries while he played with his toys. When it was time to eat Aidan decided he was going to fish out every.single.blueberry in the bowl and refuse any of the actual oatmeal! Good times! Oh, well aren’t blueberries really high in antioxidants?

We headed out the door for play group, ON TIME and Aidan hung out with all his buddies. He knows exactly where we are going and runs all the way from the car to play group. Which is actually pretty far. It’s held in in the third floor chapel of our old folks home.

We had a yummy lunch with my co worker and her little blue eyed cutie before heading home for nap time. After nap time our Nanny came over to learn the routine. Aidan was on his best behavior! Such a good boy he is. Then we were off to the park to get some outdoor exercise. He loves climbing up the stairs of the big twisty slide!

Did I mention Dad-Oh slept until NINE-FIFTEEN? I better bold that just in case you missed it!  😛

April 21, 2008

Worn Out

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I am exhausted in every possible way. I am the very definition of the word. I am totally slacking on my Blog 365 and this is my half assed attempt to keep trudging forward.

The one good thing has been the weather. It has been absolutely beautiful since we got back. Still no where near warm, but today I totally down graded from jacket to fleece and was comfortable. Progress!

I just wish there was a day or time that I could say, “at least “blank” will be easier.” But unfortunately it is getting to be that time of year where the blank is replaced by “September!” And for some reason telling myself “At least September will be easier” isn’t very comforting!

Next week I have to attend my works annual spring training. BORING! The worst part? It means a full 40 hour work week. I know, I’m not getting much sympathy from a few of you…but it sucks just the same.

As you can clearly see my half full glass has runneth dry! Don’t worry, I’ll get cheery again in September! 🙄

April 19, 2008

We’re Home

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We made it home last night. We were only twenty minutes late, which is pretty much “on time” when the plane stops any where else before landing in Sitka. The flight from Seattle was great! I carried the car seat on and Aidan slept the entire way to Ketchikan. I rarely bring the car seat on the plane with us because if he doesn’t want to sleep it makes the ride hell! He tries to escape and wiggle out of his buckle, then he ends up on my lap and I have less room because I am sitting next to a giant car seat. I had a feeling he would totally crash this time and after he RAN in the terminal for over an hour I knew he’d zonk out right after take off. And sure enough! Out like a light!

It was wonderful to sleep in my own bed last night! Aidan missed his bed too! He slept surprisingly well for having a crazy day. The best part? The AM shift was all Dad-Oh! I got to sleep in, relax, and mosey my way to the shower. Just what I needed!

We took a family nap this afternoon. Don’t you just love those? The weather was beautiful so after Aidan scarffed down a grilled cheese we took him outside to swing on his swing set. It was almost not even cold out…almost! Tonight we had dinner with friends and now it’s almost time to sleep again! I can’t think of a better way to spend the day! 😛

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