And You Are?

Okay so at first I was very much against an “about” page, but then after I started reading other peoples blogs I found myself getting annoyed when I couldn’t find out more about them.  So instead of being a hypocrite I decided to write a few words about moi.

As you can all ready tell I am the Momma of the most beautiful baby boy in the world, Aidan James.  He was born on July 26, 2006 2 1/2 hours after his Daddy’s birthday!

I do have a name other than “Momma.”  My taxes and paychecks come to Jennifer, but my friends and husband have at least twenty nicknames for me.

We live in a small town in South East Alaska!  Yes, I said Alaska.  No, we don’t ride dog sleds to work, eat whale blubber, or live in igloos.  Sitka is actually closer to Seattle, WA than it is to Anchorage.  We get very little snow, just ungodly amounts of rain!  There is not a more beautiful place to be than Sitka on a sunny day!


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