May 19, 2008

Over The Hump?

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting, toddler at 7:25 pm by Momma

Yesterday was by far the most difficult day of Aidan Daidan’s 22 months.  Teething pain combined with the new found pre-terrible two tantrums is not a good mix.  Aidan spent much of yesterday in a puddle on the floor kicking his legs and pounding his arms.  For no real reason other than to throw a fit.  Me, being the kind, devoted, loving mother I am just ignored him and carried on with my things.

Granted my little angel was in pain, I didn’t totally blow him off….  He was chalked full of Tylenol, teething tabs, and a quick sweep of orajel.  I would have been happy to hold him and console him if he would have wanted that.  He was in one of those hold me/don’t hold me, feed me/I’m not hungry, I’m tired/I don’t wanna sleep kinda moods.  So alas he pounded his frustration out on the carpet.

Surprisingly, he slept fairly well.  He woke up a bit early for my liking, but beggars can’t be choosers I’m told!  He was in a decent mood all morning and we even managed to get a few errands done and make it to the park before I headed off to work!  He was still a bit out of sorts at the park.  He refused to have his feet touch the ground, but was elated to sit on his rump in the swing for half an hour.

After work I came home to a happy, playful and very happy to see Momma toddler.  A VERY nice treat.  I can see three out of the four eye teeth cut through the gums, so I am very much hoping we are over the teething hump!  I don’t know why getting teeth is so hard for my little doodle!  He’s tough as nails when it comes to just about everything else, so I suppose I can cut the poor little guy some slack!


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  1. Well, you know I can sympathize with you. Silas does it lots too. Just part of being little I guess.

    the informal matriarchs last blog post..Great Trip

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