May 9, 2008

Bedtime Yet?

Posted in Buggle Bite at 7:03 pm by Momma

Two nights ago Aidan Daidan decided to wake up just after 1 am and have a good poop.  Cuz what else is there to do at 1am?  I don’t know…SLEEP?  I hear him squawking like a baby bird over the monitor, so I get up to investigate.  Believe me it didn’t take a detective to know what was waiting for me.  The lingering odor said it all!

After he was all clean the last thing on his mind was dreamland.  Much to my dismay!  The child was all fired up!  After rocking in the glider and reading stories for a while, I gave up.  I knew I was not going to win this battle.  So I turned on the night light threw some books and baby Tad in his crib and back to bed I went.  I heard him reading and baby Tad singing for just under an hour.  Then apparently he got lonely and was ready for some company.  So I go back in there and try the, “um, hello it’s 2 am and time to go back to bed routine” yet again.  Again, I lose.  Repeat this at least three more times and FINALLY the child goes back to sleep!  If you haven’t done the math, it’s after 4 in the morning.

You would think he’d be soooo tired that he’d sleep way in right?  Yeah, you would think!  Nope, the baby bird was up squawking by 6:30!

We nearly had a repeat performance this morning just change the times.  I have no idea what is going on with the kid, but it can stop anytime!

He decided to really throw a wrench in today’s schedule by refusing to nap.  Again, good times.  He stayed in his crib from 12:15-1:45 running back and forth and tossing everything out on to the floor.  Then he’d get annoyed that all his things were gone, so he’d cry for me to give them back.  He’d lay back down for three seconds and then pop up like a little Jack-In-The-Box.  I fumbled through the day trying to keep my sanity with an overly tired toddler.  Bedtime came half and hour early tonight and I haven’t heard a peep since he laid down!  If I’m lucky he’ll sleep till six!  🙄


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  1. laura said,

    Wowie owie! He’s lucky to have such a patient mommy–I’m afraid Deeder wouldn’t have gotten more than one attempt to be calmed back to sleepy land!

    Speaking of sleep, are you thinking of putting Aidan in a big boy bed soon? I just ask because Darren’s wanting to do that for Deeder soon and I think he’s still a little young for that. 😛

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