May 1, 2008

Now I Know My ABC’s

Posted in Buggle Bite, family, Motherhood, Parenting, toddler, Video at 8:30 pm by Momma

Aidan decided to wake up at 4 am this morning.  Good times!  I heard him thumping around in his crib so I got up and went into his room.  When I opened the door I was met with him running from side to side in his crib singing, “SSSS, TTTTT.”  Even though it was very cute there is something discouraging about your toddler singing the ABC’s and running a muck in his crib at 4 am!

I picked him up and we rocked in the glider for about twenty minutes before I put  him back to bed.  He stayed quiet-ish until about 5, then he began running again.  I got up tossed some books and toys in with him and went back to bed until 6.  Then I met the morning with one eye open and counting the hours until bedtime!

Tonight he and I were singing the ABC’s and Dad-Oh grabbed the camera.  Lucky you!  😛  Pay no attention to my glasses and there is a darn good reason I am not on Idol so no need to rub it in!



  1. Pam said,

    Maybe you could send that in for Sitka’s Idol! You and Aidan could do a duo!

  2. Randi said,

    Love it!!!

  3. laura said,

    The “s” is sooo cute!

    Wow, Deeder would LOVE if I’d let him stand on the counter like that! 🙂

    lauras last blog post..Weekly Winners: Week 14

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