April 30, 2008


Posted in Buggle Bite at 8:22 pm by Momma

Each year the entire behavioral health department attends spring training week.  This week started on Monday with Management of Aggressive behavior, the last two days spent discussing Women and Girls’ trauma and healing, tomorrow Advanced Motivation Interviewing and the ending on Friday with Wellness, Recovery and Self Care.  Basically an entire week of blah, blah, blah.  Most of the presenters are great and really do provide us with great information and teach us necessary skills to do what we do everyday.  However, it makes for a LONG week!

Working only part time I have become accustom to seeing my precious angel the majority of the day.  My current schedule allows me to attend play groups and take him to the stay and play times at the library.  I have missed out on everything this week!  It breaks my heart!  Yesterday he woke up early and was down for his nap before I came home for lunch, so I didn’t see him for over nine hours.  I wanted to cry!  I don’t know how full time Mom’s do it?!  They are true hero’s!

I am tired and feeling the effects of getting up and having to rush out the door.  Two more days…then I am taking a good portion of next week off (since I have so many overtime hours this week, I have to balance out the pay period) to spend time with my family before Dad-Oh starts fishing and missing his special time with his little buddy.

Sometimes being grown up sucks!  Why can’t we all be rich and have great health coverage?


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  1. grandma Fava said,

    Summer is coming and we know that we do long hours in the summer boooo 👿 good here you get some time off next week to make up for it. kisses and hugs


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