April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday…

Posted in Buggle Bite at 8:21 pm by Momma

…To my MUCH OLDER and not so wiser BFF!  😛

I thought about calling and wishing her a very happy birthday, but at her age the dementia has prolly set in and she wouldn’t have any idea who the hell was on the other end of the phone!  Tried to think of the perfect present, but a gift certificate to Sizzler just didn’t seem to have that WOW factor.  Thought about making her day with a bouquet of tulips (cuz I know they’re her fave), but again just didn’t seem to have the sha-zam I was looking for.  And then…it came to me….what is better than old photos of us looking like idiots?

Starting with the most recent:  December 2003

July 2003

Going WAY back:  May 1995!  Thank god for photoshop and the zit removing tool!  We had some doozies!  Ah, to be a freshman again!  HI PAM!  😛

Bet you didn’t think I could go back any further….oh contraire!  Winter 1993!  SEVENTH grade, right after we decided to stop hating each other!  🙄

So there you go, a trip down memory lane revisiting your youth.  You know I love you, and subtly pointing out how much older you are than me is SO in the BFF contract, right after a clause about strings!  Just think, two years from now I’ll still be in my TWENTIES and you’ll be THIRTY!!!!! (Totally deserves multiple exclamation points!)



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    OMG!!! Thanks for that! Hey – at least I am, and always will be, TALLER!!! I think dementia has set in because I only remember two of the four pictures. Of course I know where the first one was and the last one was slushie night, right? When and where were the middle two??

    Love you! 😉

  2. Pam said,

    On that lovely note… I may have to go digging for ancient pictures.

  3. grandma Fava said,

    Happy Birthday Amanda!! 😛 Your just like one of my daughter(s) Thank you for the card, you know that my dads name Harold, the old guy inside I laughed and laughed. Glad to see that Jen pulled out some of the old photos. I know I took lots with all you girls!! Many years worth 😉 My babies all growed up!!

    Happy Birthday to Aidan toooooo 😀 😀 😀
    Love grammie

  4. laura said,

    Cool! You guys are totally cute. Wish I had friends!

    Happy birthday, Auntie Manda. 🙂

    lauras last blog post..Mr. Mischief

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