April 25, 2008

Sun Shine Day

Posted in Buggle Bite, family, Friends, toddler tagged at 8:08 pm by Momma

Today was an action packed, sun-filled day. Aidan slept great last night and didn’t wake up until after seven this morning. It could have gone down hill from there and still been a good day! But it didn’t! Aidan and I got up and went downstairs and let Dad-Oh sleep in–until NINE FIFTEEN!!!

I made Aidan his oatmeal with blueberries while he played with his toys. When it was time to eat Aidan decided he was going to fish out every.single.blueberry in the bowl and refuse any of the actual oatmeal! Good times! Oh, well aren’t blueberries really high in antioxidants?

We headed out the door for play group, ON TIME and Aidan hung out with all his buddies. He knows exactly where we are going and runs all the way from the car to play group. Which is actually pretty far. It’s held in in the third floor chapel of our old folks home.

We had a yummy lunch with my co worker and her little blue eyed cutie before heading home for nap time. After nap time our Nanny came over to learn the routine. Aidan was on his best behavior! Such a good boy he is. Then we were off to the park to get some outdoor exercise. He loves climbing up the stairs of the big twisty slide!

Did I mention Dad-Oh slept until NINE-FIFTEEN? I better bold that just in case you missed it!  😛



  1. grandma Fava said,

    Good to hear that he slept all night for ya 😀 I think he got the blueberry thing from me, i use to take him out to the berry bushes last year, and he loved his blueberries!! He would pick one at a time out of my hand and chomp it and grab another. He looks so big sitting on the stairs. (my new screen saver)

    love grammie

  2. laura said,

    I really like the last picture. What a big boy! Thinking of a number two baby yet??

    Also, had to laugh at your saying 9:15 is late. On good days Darren wakes up at 10:30. On a recent day off he slept until 3:00 in the afternoon. When we first got married his ability to sleep for so many hours in a row drove me crazy, now though I’m used to it!

    lauras last blog post..Deeder meets Luca

  3. Pam said,

    Slept all night… oh how I miss those days. What I wouldn’t give for a 9:15 day?!?!?

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