March 31, 2008


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Aidan is an official graduate of Kindermusik. I don’t know who is happier it’s finally over, Aidan or Dad-Oh! I just don’t know what those two will do on Monday mornings now? It was lame, but it was a guaranteed indoor outing nonetheless. It sure beats hanging out at the Sitka Airport for fun! 🙄

Hopefully, (hint hint Mother Nature) it will start getting warmer out and we can have outside activities. I tried taking Aidan to the park this weekend and while it wasn’t snowing/raining/precipitating at that exact moment the wind was piercingly cold and Aidan wanted NO part of Mommy’s ridiculous outing!

Aidan and I had a good night together. Dad-Oh is already starting to get the boat in order and was taking care of errands while I hung out with my big boy. We visited Auntie Seimeen and her Mommy who is visiting from Santa Barbara. And as far as I can tell those darn TSA’s stole her extra degrees that she stuffed in her suitcase too! I’m pretty sure it’s time to complain!

All the excitement of graduating from Kindermusik must have tuckered the little guy out because he was out like a light once his little cheek hit the mattress tonight!

I hear it’s hard being a music prodigy! 😆


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  1. Pam said,

    I like to do what I call, “Will the weather warm.” That is wearing shorts, sandals, or some summer item as a hint to mother nature that IT IS TIME for sun. More times than not this plan of attack does not pay off…. but what it does, I’m ready to absorb whatever sun comes my way.

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