March 24, 2008

Busy With Boring Stuff

Posted in Household tagged at 8:33 pm by Momma

I have been gathering all our paper work to have our taxes done. Gathering in some very interesting places–mind you! The back seat of the red jeep, under the guest bed (how and why? I have NO idea), ziploc bags…. Every year I tell myself that this is “going to be the year that I get organized.” And each year I seem to get worse and worse! I have reeaaaaaally slipped on my organizational skills since having Aidan!

I know, I know…all of you are saying, “WaWaWhat?! You haven’t done your taxes yet?” Nope, unlike most everyone else we don’t rush off to have them done as soon as the last W-2 arrives. Dad-Oh being self employed axes any shot of a refund.

Unlike Auntie Manda, I won’t be rushing out to buy a new computer, and a bunch of other electronic gadgetry as soon as my efile is direct deposited. Sad, I know. 😦

Mostly we are stoaked if the little remittance slip that our tax guy gives us along with the self addressed stamped envelope to the IRS only has four digits, not five.

In funner news, Happy REAL birthday Auntie Niki!

I’d love to continue on about lame household crapola, but Brittany was on How I Met Your Mother tonight and the DVR is calling!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Well, hopefully you won’t have to pay Kingfisher’s taxes this year! 😕

    Auntie Manda’s last blog post..Easter Sunday

  2. laura said,

    We haven’t done our taxes yet either. 😛 It’s always on the To-Do-This-Day-Off list, yet to happen.

    laura’s last blog post..FIRST ROBINS

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