March 18, 2008


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The first day we were in Seattle after flying out of Kona it was pouring down rain, gray-gloomy skies and barely forty degrees. Dad-Oh took one look at our current situation and said, “I’m pretty sure we’re going to go into a deep dark depression.”

Since we have gotten home things have only gotten worse. Aidan woke up in the middle of the night last night and that triggered Puppers brain to need to piddle. When I walked downstairs to let her out all I saw was white snow flurries. Ugh! Go away! Didn’t anyone get the memo that it’s almost spring. As in flower blossoms, and blue skies?

While we were gone the battery in the red Jeep kicked the bucket. Dad-Oh bought and installed a new one yesterday so I could actually get to work and back. I took Aidan in the silver Jeep to play group today, Dad-Oh met us in the red Jeep just before it ended. The silver Jeep is the kid car. I head directly to work from play group in the red Jeep, or so I thought. Turns out the little yellow gas light doesn’t mean the same thing to Dad-Oh as it does to, oh I don’t know….everyone else in the world. So he proceeds to tell me that I’ll make it to work and back no problem…. HA! I get not even 30 seconds down the road and put put put the engine dies. Luckily I called Dad-Oh’s cell phone told him I ran out of gas under the bridge and he needs to come and get me. It took him less than a minute to pick me up since we had just left from the same spot.

Thankfully, he got gas in a jerry jug and dropped the car off to me at work. What a nightmare. I feel like I’m barely treading water trying to make it to the weekend. How sad is it that I haven’t been to work in a month and the first two days I am back I’m already counting the days until the weekend! I did come home to a spotless house, which included an empty laundry basket (folded AND put away), empty luggage, clean dishes, and organized toys. Conscience?

I can’t even believe that just ten days ago, we were in tropical bliss!



  1. Aunt Larissa said,

    😮 All Jazzie Girl has to say is………”can’t we all just go back to the Big Island of Hawaii???” She said her and Aidan decided that they like TROPICAL islands better than temperate islands 😉

  2. Pam said,

    Ha ha… I am a genuis and fixed my own problem. Can you believe it?

    Now I just have to finish messing with Ron’s and fix my own!

    I hate that running out of gas thing. Men! Thank goodness Dad-oh was close!

    I count down to the weekend DAILY! Then when it’s here, it NEVER lasts long enough!

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