March 17, 2008

Auto Pilot

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I have been running on auto pilot all day. Aidan woke up in the middle of the night thinking that it was time to hang out and I was so exhausted I couldn’t find the energy to stay strong and get him back to sleep in his bed, so I hauled him in bed with us…where he thankfully, went right back to sleep. He did however, wake up around five am ready for the day. I let him toss around in bed for a while, then Dad-Oh got up and took him back to his room where he slept peacefully until 8:30.

I had to go back to work today. Ugh! If at all possible I always try to come back at least one full day before I have to work. But thanks to spring break that wasn’t an option. Let’s just say I breezed through the motions. I was a total zombie. To top it all off one of my clients told me all about how Sitka sucks and why I shouldn’t live here and how I should, “just sell my house, quit my job, move and find new friends.” Cuz, really–it’s just that simple! 🙂

I would really love to start putting together my Hawaii slide show montage, but since I had to sort through the cleanest of the dirty clothes to wear to work today I think I should find a better use of my time!

I hope I can catch up soon, because right about now I am getting my booty kicked! I suppose I could just move, right!? 🙄



  1. Aunt Larissa said,

    Reality……………..always so brutal settling back in on “the rock”!! It will all be right around the corner for the Nellis Fam! 🙄 We are enjoying pretty nice weather in Vancouver now, although it sure aint anything like being on the big island of Hawaii!! We were thinking we should of stayed just a few extra days there 😉 Jazzie was loving the tropical island life 😎 😎 We all miss Aidan Daden…..give him big hugs for us!! 😉 😉

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    YES!! You CAN move – and you wouldn’t even have to make new friends!!! 😀

    Auntie Manda’s last blog post..I wear my Adidas when I rock the beat

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