March 2, 2008

Getting Redundant?

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Evidently I am torturing my eight readers with beach videos. So I will wait for tomorrow to post another! I’ve give all you poor souls in the snowy North a break!

Today we walked the lava trail from our condo they’re called villas now to the Hilton. The Hilton has an ocean fed lagoon with a sandy beach where Aidan frolicked in the water and played in the sand while Dad-Oh and I took turns snorkeling. We say lots of tropical fish, tons of puffer fish, and turtles. It was awesome. All over the lava fields people use white corral pieces to write their names, messages, and initials. While we were walking over Dad-Oh stops me and says, “look at that boat” and points towards the ocean. When I look up from my careful stroller pushing I see this:


Dad-Oh snuck over yesterday and wrote his name so I’d see it on our walk today. What a good guy!

After Aidan’s nap we headed to yet another powder white beach. We didn’t plan on going in. Basically just scoping things out for tomorrow. The second Aidan saw the waves he bee lined it to the waters edge and plunged right in. In his regular clothes. He didn’t care. He is so fearless! It’s kinda scary! He surprisingly knows his limits and turns back when the water gets too high. I’ll spare you the video!

We’re still working getting the little stinker to sleep through the night. I think he is so excited for the day he thinks we should all should be up and at em by 3 am. He chirps like a baby bird for nearly two hours before he finally conks back out for a couple more hours. He’ll probably get into a routine right before we leave!


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  1. grandma Fava said,

    I’m not getting tired of video ❗ I think there great ❗
    Just been real alittle busy this weekend, not all of us are vacationing πŸ˜₯ Good to talk to yesterday, your puppers loves the video too, she listen to your voice and starts barking, like momma is home somewhere 😎 give my big boy a big and kiss for me. Love and miss you ❗ xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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