February 10, 2008

Holding His Own

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Aidan seems to be on the mend. No more pukey from him or the dog! He is still more tired than normal, so we have been letting him take extra long naps. Why complain, when the kid is sleeping? Yesterday I went into his room after nearly three and a half hours and he was in the exact same position he was when I put him down. Now that’s a tired guy!

We ventured out yesterday in the blizzard to meet the nanny. She seems great! She won’t need to start until May, but we’ll have her watch Aidan a few times before Dad-Oh starts fishing again so they can get to know each other. I’m still sad that I can’t stay home with him! 😦 Darn the health insurance! If we were only Canadian!

Not much else to report other than it looks like we will be starting our trip a bit earlier than planned. We’re tentatively heading out of the frozen north this weekend to spend time with Dad-Oh’s family in Portland. Where presently there is NO snow! 🙂 We’ll see how the ole Blog 365 holds up! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!



  1. laura said,

    Well that’s good news, about Aidan seeming on the mend! 🙂 Once those long naps set in it’s a sure sign of well-ness making a come back.

    Deeder threw up this morning! Yuck! Thankfully it wasn’t a whole big pile like you were saying that Aidan did.

    laura’s last blog post..Happy Birthday…

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    Yay Aidan-Daidan! And he hasn’t even gotten his get well present from us yet (coming soon to a mailbox near you!).

    Canadian healthcare, eh? Kinda like pregnancy, I’ve heard…it sounds like a great idea but when you’re in the throes of it you realize it truly sucks! 😆

    Auntie Manda’s last blog post..Because I’m feeling profound

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