February 9, 2008

Pinch Me!

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Please would some one pinch me and wake me up from this bad dream. I swear I just wrote about this AND this! I’m having a bad case of deja vu and I am ready to be done with it already!

It began last night around 2 am. I woke up to check on Aidan only to find that he had puked all over himself and his bed. Apparently, it didn’t bother him too badly or he was just to tired to call for me because by the crustification (yeah, it’s a word!) of the puke it happened hours before. I got the tired little guy up, changed his jammies, sponged him down, changed his sheets, then cuddled in the guest room for awhile before returning him to his crib. He slept great from then on, that is until Puppers decides to get as close as possible to my side of the bed and start vomiting herself! Instinctively I thought I was hearing Aidan over the baby monitor. It wasn’t until I hopped up and stepped on the barfing dog that I knew he was fine. So here we go again! Trying to wrangle a barfing dog down the stairs and out the door! After I shoved her down the stairs she barfed up the netting to the pork roast we had three nights ago. I have no idea how she stole it from the garbage. Our garbage is kept under the sink behind a child lock! For some reason the damn dog thinks she needs to compete with the baby! I find it highly annoying and rather inconvenient. As you might have guessed all the commotion woke the sleeping angel. Good times. Enter Dad-Oh. He took over so I could sleep a bit longer. Even though it was after 7 am I had been up nearly three hours cleaning and tending to puke. Awesome.

About an hour later Dad-Oh and Aidan come up the stairs, and all I hear is, “He puked again!” EFF!! What the hell is going on? We cleaned him up and again nothing seems out of the ordinary with his mood or demeanor. So instead of play dates and adventures we kept the day mellow, and relaxing. So far no more puking episodes, from either child!

If that isn’t enough to drive to to drinkin’ the weather decided to royally suck ass today too. I’m talking blizzard! The type you see in the documentaries about the south pole! The winds were insane! It blew so much snow towards our front door it was level with our entry! All this awesome winter weather sent the power into three flickers early this morning and then it remained out for over 30 minutes before returning for good. For most electronics anyway!

I knew the desktop would be down for the count after we had our first mini flicker. Turns out I was right. The damn thing wouldn’t turn on again!!! Sweet deal! Not wanting to make this day go any better than it had been I left it alone. Secretly hoping I’d walk in to find another immaculate connection. No deal! Well sort of.

I preformed all the same BS I did last time with the all star Dell tech support gal. Nothing. Admitting defeat and giving up I unhooked the monitor cable, key board and mouse USB cords and began hooking the up to the lap top. This way I’d at least have a standard key board and large screen. Low and behold right after I begin reorganizing my desk the stupid thing boots right up. Without any of the cables. Why? Who knows? Maybe the planets aligned correctly at that exact moment.

So naturally, I re-backed up my photos and synced the iPod. For now it is still working, until tomorrows power flicker that is!

I will never, ever, EVER buy another Dell (sorry Auntie Manda!).

So please I am begging all of you out in blog land to pinch me and wake me up from this nightmare of puke and crappy foreign tech support! The glass is becoming less and less full!



  1. laura said,

    Arg! Yuck and sadness! What a strange mystery on Aidan. Any wise words from the pediatrician?

    My fam knows all about puking dogs–NOT FUN. She (not Darren’s dog) got so sick after Thanksgiving leftovers that they had her stay at the vets to be monitored–at the end of it all the had a $450 bill.

    laura’s last blog post..wedding

  2. grandma Fava said,

    well i hope he is feeling better today 😥 our poor little guy 😥 between him and that dog puking life sound real fun in the Gould household. and don’t forget the Snow i think we are all feeling a little caged in these days ready for spring time. Sorry your feeling pukie Aidan, get better. I love you.


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