January 30, 2008


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Wow! Is this the same blog? I got confused when I saw SEVEN comments on ONE post! Guess I should post pictures of my cropped out my “privies” more often! It was such a nice treat to actually have feedback to all my hard work! Tomorrow wraps up an entire month of DAILY blogging! That’s a whole lotta Aidan-Daidan and random junk about my boring life! I bet my reader count will be bored to tears by May!

I have to admit that my photo could very well pass as one of Aidan without question! The only reason my hair is darker than his is because I’m in that bath and it’s wet. I was a major toe head! So much so that it was almost white! Now it just comes in a handy dandy bottle every six-eight weeks! 😆

Tonight we had our weekly family dinner at Carly Jo’s house. We had the BIGGEST Chinese spread! Yum-O! Oh yeah, and don’t forget the dessert! White chocolate brownies, AND (YES, AND!) homemade carrot cake! You better believe I had me a slice of both! Aidan helped me out in that department. The poor little tyke had one of the biggest melt downs of his life after the cake was gone! Tears and all! He was not ready for that gravy train to be over! Granted it was getting dangerously close to the witching hour and no more cake is enough to send me off the deep end so I could relate! We drove the 45 seconds home and made a mad dash for the tub and jammies. Of course when he’s that overly tired he fights dreamland tooth and nail. Don’t worry Buddy, Auntie Tina sent us home with a nice big slice for tomorrow! 😛



  1. laura said,

    Congrats on the increase of comments! 🙂
    Maybe I ought to post some Mommy and Baby pictures too!
    It’s been a good bloggy month…even posting twice sometimes…good work.

    laura’s last blog post..4 Things

  2. laura said,

    Hey that CommentLuv plugin is neat!

  3. grandma Fava said,

    well another month gone 😛 time flies when your having fun 😯 I now have your photo as my screen saver, its so funny to see how much you two like alike. when i got home from work i asked your dad if he knew who was in the picture and he knew it was his baby 😉 love you 😆

    love grammie

  4. 9r said,

    were back, please tell aidan we get the last bite of his carot cake

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