January 29, 2008

Like Mother, Like Son

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For as long as I can remember my Mom has been telling stories about how, “Jenny (ewww! don’t you dare call me that!) didn’t have hair until she was over two years old!”

I can remember thinking to myself “oh please, I had to have had hair by then! ALL kids have hair by two! She’s just exaggerating for emphasis.” 🙄

Well, I am here to tell all nine of you that I am beginning to see some truth in the aforementioned statement! Okay, Mother Dearest here you go: I WAS WRONG!

While Aidan’s hair is definitely beginning to make an appearance, he has a long way to go before I post the “first haircut” photos! 😆

Just Call Me, Mommy No Hair

This is me way back in the 80’s! From what I can tell I think I am 18-19 months old. Definitely no Rapunzel! Guess saving on haircuts runs in the family!

No Hair

It is clear that neither of us will be making a donation to Locks of Love anytime soon! But aren’t we DARN cute!

If the picture of me wasn’t so old and 80’s looking I think it could pass as a picture of Aidan! Think he looks like me much!?



  1. Randi said,

    I was the same way, I didn’t get much hair for awhile and it was really blond, almost white!

    Aidan looks SO much like you!!

  2. 9 said,

    he does look like you but with less hair! hard to believe he will be the beast in the middle,

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    Definitely takes after his mommy! Where’s YOUR shamrock?

  4. grandma Fava said,

    😆 thought i was lieing huh 😆 you didn’t have hair until you were 2, maybe alittle. but after that you were repunzel with your golden blonde locks so beautiful 😀 and boy like mother like son i had to look 3 times at the picture with your dirty little face and chewing on your favorite rubber duckie ahhhhhhh.

    love grammie

  5. Pam said,

    You two look so cute. There is a no question about who his mommy is. I have a picture of myself in my crib at about 8 months and have been meaning to post a mommy/baby look-alike picture. I’ll do that soon!

  6. Scott D said,

    Wow… you could pass off your baby picture as his! And I didn’t grow hair until I was almost 2. My mom thought I was never going to have hair. 🙂

  7. laura said,

    Yep. I think you look a like. You do have darker hair though, by this picture anyway! You and Aidan have the same baby nose looks like…hmm…and eye shape.

    Lots of comments today!! Rock on 🙂

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