January 26, 2008

The Aidan-Daidan Times: Month 18

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Happy Half Birthday! πŸ˜€

Dearest Aidan,

How can you be a year and a half old already!? It’s craziness! You are such a little man! Running around, climbing, playing with your toys, and entertaining yourself! It is unbelievable how fast the time goes!

I’m sure there are lots of new things you did this month, but I really think this month was about perfecting the things you already know how to do. You run and climb so well now. You have finally gotten to the point where Dad-Oh and I are confident you won’t take a tumble. You love climbing on the couch, and then sliding down the armrest. You do this over and over. There is no stopping you! So we don’t even try any more. I’m all about natural consequences. πŸ˜‰


You’re love of light switches was taken to a whole other level this month. For months you have “helped” me turn off lights as I carry you from room to room. But now that you can reach the hall light from the bottom stairs you have learned how to turn the lights off and on, and on and off and on and off….

Shed a Little Light

You are such a little investigator, always trying to figure things out. You rarely sit and play with a toy exactly how it is supposed to be played with. Instead you flip it over, rip it apart, bang on it and what ever else you think fit. Instead of smiling and laughing when you go down the slide because it is fun, you slide down because that’s how you get down. That’s how the jungle climber works. You climb up one side and slide down the other, and that’s that!

Okay, This is a LITTLE fun

Today we took you sledding with Carly Jo and Jazzie. You H.A.T.E.D. it with a fiery passion! I don’t know if it was the gloves, the boots or just the fact that it was freezing cold out–but you were not pleased!

This is NOT My Idea of Fun!

You must have gotten my snow and cold weather suck ass gene. It’s highly genetic, I hear! Any outing that requires you to put on more clothes is not for me! Don’t worry angel, we’ll be building sand castles in a matter of weeks!


Because you have a way over the top Mommy I made you cupcakes for your half birthday. Okay, you got me I just needed a half legit reason to down a dozen cupcakes! We ate dinner as a family, yummy spaghetti. You scoffed at it for a few minutes before realizing that it was somewhat tasty. After we were through I put a cupcake on your try and you dug RIGHT IN!

My Favorite!

How on earth you know the difference between dinner (healthy food) and desert (packed full of sugar) I would like to know. There was NO scoffing! No turning your head this way and that avoiding the spoon. Oh, no! Just full speed ahead. Trying to down every last bite before you cruel Mommy called it quits!

All Done?

See how mad you got! πŸ˜† You little stinker!

One year

Look at how much bigger you got in just six short months! Granted that’s one-third of your life, but still! You look so tiny sitting in the highchair eating your birthday cake!

A while back I told all of blog land that I was not going to take baths with you anymore, and that lasted all of two nights. I have been chastised by Dad-Oh ever since. “Remember when you lied to all nine of your readers on the blog?” Yeah, whatever! I just wasn’t ready to give that up yet. It’s such a special way to end the night and you really do enjoy it! You love to sing songs with me, The ABC’s and Where is Thumbkin are your favorites. We play hide and seek with the washcloth and read stories. It’s great! Maybe it’s just my way of trying to keep you little. Rest assured little one, that by the time you will be able to read this post I will have long given up family bath night! πŸ˜†

I think you are really starting to understand love and affection because you have started seeking me out for story time insisting to sit on my lap, and seem to be wanting to cuddle more. You love hugging on me, and you give the sweetest open mouthed kisses–ever! I LOVE IT!

Out of all the posts I write for this site, these monthly update posts are by far the hardest! I start getting anxious weeks before. It’s weird because I shouldn’t, it should be like any other update post. I think I finally figured out why. I want so badly to put my love into words and not leave anything out. I have come to the realization that words can in no way come close to express the emotions I have. Love, pride, endearment, wonder, awe, passion, the list is endless. I fear that I won’t express myself enough and my love won’t be able to be translated out of my words.

Little man, just know that you are loved more than the Earth is round, and cherished more than the sunset. You are our entire world!


Bunches of Love,




  1. Auntie Manda said,

    Well it’s translating just fine down my cheeks right about now! This post turned me into an “old lady with wet panties” – as Dad-Oh would say. πŸ˜₯

  2. laura said,

    only ONE comment?? Very cute update, and awesome pictures πŸ™‚
    I think if the Harrs ever moved to Alaska we’d have to be you guys’ next door neighbors! πŸ˜› The boys would have so much fun together. Got any hospitals there that take travel nurses??

    The comparison between 12 months and 18 is pretty neat–baby to toddler.

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