January 21, 2008

Still Going Strong

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Well the desktop has pooped out on me yet. Was it a fluke thing? Who knows? But just to be safe I said a great big “NO WAY” to the would you like to restart your computer prompt! Uh, not unless you can assure me that the thing will indeed RESTART! 🙄

It felt very good to at least get all my photos and movies backed up! Let this be a lesson!

Here are a few of the pictures from yesterday’s frigid outing at the park.

What is this a lovely mini pine cone? How quaint!

Pine Cone Investigation

MMMM, Pine cone! So nutty and woodsy!




Let me outta here! I wanna go back to where there is HEAT!


Aidan had a busy day today, starting with Kindermusik. Dad-Oh called me about fifteen minutes into the class and said something along the lines of, “he hates it, we’re leaving and going to the gym.” Well said! He did good at the gym, and nearly fell asleep in the shopping cart at the store while picking up bread!

After nap, Aidan had Jake come over to play. They played well, with the toys and not so much each other. But since Aidan wasn’t hurling the remote at my head he must have been slightly entertained! 🙂

We ended the night with dinner at Jazzie’s house with Carly Jo and their families. The kids do so well with each other. They are around each other so often it’s almost like they are siblings. They run all around, play with each other, do their own thing and then play again. It’s just easy!

Better post before my computer explodes!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    I totally dig the hat!

  2. 8 said,

    did you find another fan for me yet? looks really cold and crisp there, wow, hard to imagine. he is going to grow to love that kind of weather

  3. Pam said,

    So, I’ve been a negligent comment poster, but I am staying up on my reading.

    I agree with Amanda. I LOVE the hat… and I’m sure the dirt on the pinecone will make up for some essential mineral somewhere along the line.


  4. grandma Fava said,

    He looks so cute 😆 looks like he could bounce 😛
    Kiss Kiss love you and miss you

    Love grammie

  5. laura said,

    How far we’ve come from the marshmallow snow suit days of just last winter, eh? Now we’re walking around, eating things off the ground and climbing fences! Way to go, Aidan!

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