January 19, 2008

Mr. Independent

Posted in Buggle Bite, Parenting tagged , , at 9:48 pm by Momma

My little guy is getting so independent! He’s always been somewhat independent, but lately he has really gotten in to the stage where he wants to do it himself. He loves tinkering with things, and trying to figure them out or how they work. He spends much of his day climbing, rolling, running, and pulling everything out of drawers, cabinets, and baskets! He loves scattering the kitchen floor with my place mats and napkins, because evidently that’s where they belong!

He has been practicing climbing up stairs the correct way, one foot after the other, with us helping by holding his hands for balance and leverage. Tonight he climbed more than half the stairs ALL BY HIMSELF just like a big boy as we headed up for bath time! I was already upstairs and Dad-Oh hollered at me to come and see our son. I came just in time to see my teeny baby walking like a man up my crazy steep stairs. It was surreal! Watching his little legs alternate, and him maneuver the weight of his body up each stair was stunning! How can he be big enough for this already?!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some video soon!


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  1. laura said,

    My second try at reading this post, maybe more! Refer to your sitemeter for the exact count 😛 I don’t know why I bother trying read blogs while Deeder is awake.

    Our boys would get along so well! Mine is doing must the same things you just described. Except walking up the stairs like a big boy. He still crawls up, I guess it works so well that the idea of walking up hasn’t occurred to him yet. We don’t mind though since the baby way requires no supervision 🙂 By the time he’s 18 I’m sure he’ll get it.

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