January 10, 2008

Sweet Salvation

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Last night was the first night Aidan has slept through the night and past 6:30 am since before we left for Kauai in October! It was beautiful! I can only hope that we travel along this same path for a very, very long time! Sleep:  it’s a beautiful thing!

Tonight was Aidan’s first bath by himself in the big tub. He was way over tired so it was pretty anticlimactic. He did look at me funny, like “um hello, it’s bath time?” We still sang songs and balanced a few duckies on his head, but it wasn’t the same. 😦 After I pulled the lever and most of the water drained out he decided to pee, and he was very excited that he was able to see his entire stream from start to stop. After he was done he looked at me very proud and gave a little smile! Such a man! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that smile after Dad-Oh had a nice pee too! 😆

Monkey Boy

Lately Aidan has been climbing on everything! Nothing is off limits! Which is really kinda scary. He has no problem with furniture, climbing on chairs and couches like a pro. Occasionally when he is struggling he uses the Puppers as a stool! She looks at me with her big puppy dog eyes and pleads “get this thing off me!!!” A few nights back Aidan caught a glimpse of his binkie inside his crib and was determined to climb in and get it. Thankfully, he wasn’t successful, but he did give it the old college try.

I’ll Get You My Pretty!

Teeder, Todder



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    It’s the monkey phase!!! Tater still isn’t out of that one…so many more climbings will be a-happenin! 😆

  2. laura said,

    proud seeing pee? sounds time to train! I think you might be through with it before we are!
    When Deeder started climbing like that I got rid of my tall dresser–imagining that he might try climbing on the drawers and bring the thing down on himself!!

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