January 9, 2008

End Of An Era

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I don’t think I’ve ever admitted on the blog before that I have taken a bath every night with Aidan since he grew out of his infant tub. It started on vacation in Portland when we didn’t have an infant tub with us. YES, I did leave something at home! 😛 Ever since out of reluctance and then later, happiness I have bathed with him. We sing songs, squirt water toys, balance rubber duckies on our heads, pee in the water (him not me), and have a nice relaxing ending to the day. Every night Dad-Oh “catches” Aidan with his towel when we are done. Tonight Daddy had a basketball game so I had to be a one stop shop completing all duties.

First Bath

I pulled the lever to drain the tub and waited for the water level to fall before I got out and dried off, then drabbed his towel. In the mean time Aidan was all spread out on his tummy kicking like a frog and having a jolly ole time. He stayed like that until all the water was gone, then he sat on his little bum grabbed his bath books and began reading. This lasted for a few minutes longer until the poor child realized that once the water is gone, it gets cold FAST!

Bath Time

So as the title suggests I think tonight was an end of an era. 😦 He had such a great time flopping all around which doesn’t surprise me as much as he likes the pool and hot tub. Okay, and the water from the toilet! 😕

Family Affair

From now on I guess I’ll have to sing songs from my comfy seat on the toilet! *sigh* Not only did I enjoy enjoy ending my night with him in the bath, being able to relax for five seconds was an awful nice bonus!



  1. grandma Fava said,

    All good things must come to end. but the nice thing about that is there is always another taking it place. Just think of it as all life goes on and we grow grow grow. Just think of all the great thing ahead. and were getting old, yes all of us. He has grown so much since those pictures. He is a big boy now 😀

    grammie loves you!

  2. Pam said,

    So are you taking a seat on the toilet now and not jumping in????

    Isn’t it CRAZY how big they get SO FAST!

  3. Auntie Manda said,

    I LOVE the shamrock! :mrgreen:

    Pretty soon you’ll either have to stand on the other side of the bathroom or wear rain gear. Does he take a bath in the red light?

  4. laura said,

    That’s one thing that Deeder and I never did. Seems far too scary!

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