January 7, 2008

On Being a Wuss

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A few posts back I eluded to the fact that yes, expanding our family will be in our future. But before I hear the pitter patter of rumor footsteps I have decided to come clean and nip any assumptions in the butt!

First off NO NO NO I am not pregnant! And we are not currently actively trying to get pregnant. We are still in the “practice makes perfect” phase!

Phew, that felt good! ๐Ÿ˜›

As many of you well know I am not a happy pregnant person. I do not dream of flowers and butterflies, or talk about how beautiful the pregnancy experience is. Come to think of it, I’m pretty much the anti-of all those things. To the point where if one more person came up to me and said something like, “you can do anything for 9 months,” or “it can only get better,” or “wow, are sure you’re not having twins,” I would have jumped off the closest building!

Now since I have had Aidan the comments go something like this, “every pregnancy is different,” or “it can’t be any worse than your last time,” and my personal favorite, “at least you know what to expect!” Because knowing that you will be miserable and hating life for the next nine months makes it so much better! ๐Ÿ™„

Now on to the wuss part…

At my six week post partum check up I had totally planned on having an IUD put in, but after only six short weeks the last thing I was WILLINGLY ready to sign up for was va-jay-jay violation. So I opted for the nursing pill. Intending to proceed with the IUD when I could at least walk straight again. Since then I have wussed out a total of THREE times, canceling each appointment last minute! I will be the first to admit that I am a total wiener! No need to reiterate Auntie Amanda!

The last cancellation was as recent as last month. Not only was I reluctant, but then Dad-Oh started his own internet search and really started freaking me out. EFF!! Abstinence anyone? At least I’ll get more sleep! ๐Ÿ˜†

So alas I am off the nursing pill and back on the pill I was on before I got pregnant with Aidan. Which I will continue to take religiously for awhile! Much to a close friends dismay I will NOT be signing up for Spring 2008! Cuz that’s like TWO months from now. And now I have a bridesmaid dress to fit into and not look like a total cow for all of eternity in the wedding photos, I have a legit excuse! Thanks Auntie Nikki!



  1. Pam said,

    You are not a total wuss… I had an IUD for 6 years before Brie… having it inserted hurt like H$#^. It was not a plesant experience, although, having it removed was a piece of cake.
    Having gotten pregnant as soon as we had it removed, there was no way I was willing to end up with a “suprise” baby… At my 4 week appt I told them I wanted my tubes tied, and had it done 6 weeks post partum…. It was AWESOME.

    I, too, was not a happy, blissful pregnant person. Thank God we have Hank. I always wanted a boy and a girl… and really don’t think I would want to be pregnant again! EVER!

  2. Auntie Manda said,

    Pregnancy isn’t all kittens and rainbows for sure and I’m definitely in agreement with Pam on the initial insertion – NOT fun. Although I think having it six weeks post partum was actually the best decision because I was still in the “nothing can hurt as bad as contractions and subsequently having your body cut open” camp. And it didn’t.

    There’s nothing wrong with the Pill and you are so Type A that you can actually remember to take it everyday while I fell back on your promise to God way too many times to have a good enough memory for that. ๐Ÿ˜†

  3. laura said,

    Well we can look forward to another baby someday, right? I mean I’m going to keep reading your blog as long as it lives…what’s the rush?

    You know though, it is nice to have kids close together in age. I (being in a family of nine kids all born in a span of 11 years) feel that I’m a bunch closer to my siblings because we were enjoying the same things at the same time. Everyone is getting older now and we’ve been thrown a few curve balls through the years, but I loved growing up with so many built in friends. Yes, being the parent may be different than being the child, I know that. But I’m going to give it a try! Maybe not nine kids…we’ll see!

    My pregnancy with Deeder was absolutely the pits..I was fat, covered in zits and near the end felt like the ugliest thing to walk to earth. It was worth it!
    This time though it’s been way too easy…I’m 10 lbs lighter now then I was at this point with my Deeder pregnancy–even though I eat like a hog! And I never felt sick.

    So its true, pregnancies are different–thank God.

    My least favorite comment postpartum: “Are you going to wait until you have your body back before you think of getting pregnant again?”
    What’s that mean? I interpreted it to be something like, “I’m sure you were hot once. Somewhere under all that fat surely it must still be there! Don’t you want to have that again?”

  4. laura said,

    Oops. Sorry…didn’t mean to write a book for ya! I should be in bed. Bye!

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