January 3, 2008

The Worst Mother of the Year Award Goes to: ME

Posted in Buggle Bite, Motherhood, Parenting at 9:05 pm by Momma

Last night was hell! Before dinner my stomach started feeling grumbly. I decided not to eat any of the dinner I had just cooked. I managed to make it through the evening and Aidan’s bath with only mild discomfort. Then the “oh my god I am the worst mom in the world” feeling hit after Aidan did a header from his crib. Yep, that’s right he fell out of his crib all the way to the floor below while his shitty Mom searched for teething tablets. He was more stunned than hurt, but he did cry. I scooped him up in about .00001 seconds and said “sorry” about a gazillion times. I gave him his binker and he calmed right down. No tears. I then turned on the hall light to look at his little self and see if things were still where they’re supposed to be. All looked A-Ok, until for some reason I popped out his binker and then I saw a bit of dried blood all around his little mouth. His little tooth must have cut the inside of his gum. It had already stopped bleeding by the time I saw the blood and my investigative finger found no injury inside his little mouth. At this point I felt like my stomach could swallow me up and die! Just about the worst burning pain I have EVER felt!

Surprisingly, after the whole face plant fiasco Aidan went right to sleep! After about an hour or so I went in to his room with a flash light to see if he had any swelling or bruising. His little face looked just as angelic as it always does.

Sleeping Like a Baby

I managed to make it to bed and fall asleep without loosing the dinner I didn’t eat. Then when Aidan woke up around 1 am all was lost. I got up to try to get him back down, and my stomach had had it with me and my misbehaving. I laid Aidan back down, ran into the bedroom told Dad-Oh he’s on night shift and proceed to pray to the porcelain God. Since I really hadn’t eaten anything since noon there wasn’t much to come up, so I proceeded to dry heave off and on until about 5:30 am.

I woke up around 8 am feeling, like well, like I had been up puking all night. I didn’t feel fluish or achy just tired and my stomach burned like hell. I went though the day remaining in my jammies, took a long nap, and ate a few bites of food here and there. Aidan was his usual little self and you never would have guessed he had a doosie of a fall. Dad-Oh did try to make me feel better by measuring the height difference between the crib and our bed. Surprisingly, the crib was only about an inch higher! (We have a ginormo bed). And as he so delicately put it he was much younger and weaker when I let him fall off the bed!



  1. Auntie Manda said,

    I think maybe the Universe still hates you. 😦

    Of course Aidan-Daidan came through like a champ – he IS a beast in the middle you know? 😆

  2. Pam said,

    Not that I would EVER admit to anything as TERRIBLE as that… but I might know of an 8 month old that crawled herself off the bed…

    Just think, you learned your lesson. He’s not old enough to hold it against you… It’s like a free “oops!”

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