December 31, 2007

The Aidan-Daidan Times: Month 17

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Dearest Aidan-Daidan,

Earlier this week you turned SEVENTEEN months old! It is so strange how it seems like you have been a part of our lives forever and at the same time I am baffled at how you can already be 17 months old.

This has been a month of exploration and climbing. You are such a little scientist, always studying and analyzing your surroundings. You’re constantly trying to figure out how things operate. I’m amazed at how fast you are able to learn something new. You got a shake and go car for Christmas and within a day you were able to play with it perfectly! This month you have discovered things above your head and are constantly looking up. It’s really cute. The airport has stuffed bears, dear, mountain goat, and various other wild game hanging up on the wall and you just stare at each of them with wide eyes.

Peek A Boo

You do not walk any more. If you are on your feet you are in nothing short of a jog, run, or all out sprint. We cannot believe how fast you are. It’s kinda scary and is if nothing else keeping Dad-Oh and I on our toes a bit more. You can go from one room to another in a split second. You have just about mastered bumps and uneven surfaces. Most times you don’t even think twice and easily navigate the obstacle but occasionally something will throw you a curve ball and down you go. Only for a second or two and then you are off again! You have even taken a liking to chasing the Puppers! This morning you chased her back and forth for at least five minutes, until she got tired and called it quits!

Head Stand

Your latest “trick” is searching for the proper remote for the DVR and bringing it to us when you want us to put a show on for you. It’s probably not the best habit for a toddler to have but it was pretty cute and clever at first! Much to your dismay we do not oblige each time you shove the remote at us, so today you upped your game and after you gave Dad-Oh the remote you stood behind him and pushed him towards the TV room! If nothing else you are an innovative little tyke! And I have to remind myself that you are the son of a man who watches entirely too much ESPN and still has the Seahawks 2006 Super Bowl “protected” on the DVR. So far the apple hasn’t fallen very far!

Mikey, Please!

You have cut 3/4 molars, thankfully! Ugh, there have been some rough nights this month! I was about to order you a set of dentures and call it good! For the most part the days have been pleasant. Which is a welcomed treat from last month where Dad-Oh and I were beginning to wonder if this was how life was going to be from now on! I can say with complete certainty that I will not miss the teething stage one bit or should I say bite?!

Since you love books so much we take you to the library often. Not to mention the fact that it is just about the only place in town that we can go indoors…. Since we read so much at home I have most of the words completely memorized and instead of looking at the pages I look at you. Apparently, you think this is how you are supposed to be read to, because when we go to the library and are reading a book I don’t have memorized, you crouch your little body down and peer under my face to see my eyes.  When that doesn’t work you take your little hand and pull my cheek towards you. It is so cute, and probably had little to no meaning to anyone else reading this, but it is something that I never want to forget! Your little face and sheepish smile should never be forgotten! 😛


The obvious event that occurred this month was your second Christmas. I have posted about it before but didn’t really describe it much. Mainly because you were too busy to realize that there were fun and exciting things wrapped up in those boxes. Last year I remember saying “watch out he’s gonna be all about the presents next year.” I was pretty much way off the mark and am now reserving that statement for Christmas 2008! You however did not go away empty handed! I think we officially have more toys then both play groups put together! We should start our own!

Love, Santa

Big Boy Bike

My precious little angel each day you change more from a baby to a big boy. It brings me great joy to see you grow into such a little person, as well as pains of sadness that my baby boy is no more. I wouldn’t give up watching you grow each day for anything in the world. True happiness cannot be purchased. Even when the days and nights are hard, I thank the heavens above that you are my son and I am your Mommy! As Dad-Oh and I often say: “I just love him!”

Baby Blues

Bunches of Love,




  1. laura said,

    The library story is precious 🙂 I love the second picture…what’s he trying to do?

    Deeder also understands remotes…not so much to know what turns on what, but he does know that that you point the remote at the TV. I find it pretty embarrassing!

  2. Momma said,

    That is the million dollar question. What IS he trying to do? We have NO idea but he is liking this position more and more. We just call him an ostrich and anticipate a somersault in the near future.

  3. laura said,

    He must just enjoy how the world looks upside down 🙂

  4. christeen said,


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